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  1. Hi everyone, do you know what are those black things mounted on kluson tuners? Im presuming are something like lockers but never seen anything like that... maybe this means that the guitar doesnt stay in tune? Thanks
  2. yeah, i'll pass on it. bad experience since now with studios. my old one was a glossy black but it weighted a ton.
  3. thanks sgt! though i'm yet suspicious about it. what made me think about identifying it as a faded is because the finish is not glossy as the studios i'm used to. it's slightly opaque. also thanks FemmeParallell, the mystery continues, cause i read that the studio has glossy finish... and also fireburst finish has also the black, i think more as a cherry sunburst. also the model number LPSFHSCH1 Les Paul Studio F(faded?) H(heritage?) S(sunburst?) C(chrome?) H(hardware?)
  4. hi everyone, need an help to identify this guitar (for which i have also the model number) it says LPSFHSCH1 it's a 2009 studio, but i wanted to know the specs before going to try her. is this a faded, worn or a 'standard' studio one? what kind of neck (i prefer the thinnest ones)? weight relieved or a chambered? (it's about 3,7 kg so i think it's in the light side of lp) here's some shots. thanks, my friends best regards!
  5. A little update While i was searching the internet for this strange situation, i found that vinyl straps can damage the finish of the guitar, with marks like the one on the explorer i posted. Its something like vinyl create a chemical reaction that soften and melt the lacquer especially when the guitar rests in her bag and gets warmer, even if not touching it only by its gas. So freaking strange. By the way, if its this kind of situation, will it be difficult/onerous having it repaired? Thanks, friends
  6. Thank you, my friend. My studio is 9.9 lbs, the sound is huge but also her weight. This 2009 explo should be way more lighter...
  7. It's what i was thinking too. Unluckly im going to see it in person only if i'm interested in the exchange, and i was asking if any of you had some experience in something like this. Now the actual owner has brought the guitar to his liuther, and also him cant tell what it was at first sight (so hes analyzing it now) because its strange that you cant feel it by touching it. I show the pics to my liuther who instead is sure is a repaired bump, but i'm pretty sure that the owner is honest in telling me that he didnt repair that (as he was honest about every other scratches). I'm confused, but i'd love doing that change. I'm only scared about potential structural fails of the keyboard...
  8. You are right! But my question is: by what you can see, is this defect hiding some structural problems or only esthetic (i dont mind esthetic, just cant understand if it's a structural problem way worse or just a defect of the nitro)?
  9. Hi everyone, i'm about to exchange my Les Paul Studio 1999 (way too heavy for me) with a 2009 Explorer. The owner of the Explo sent me pictures of the guitar and i noticed this defect on the back side of the keyboard. He told me that you can't feel it by touching, that is not a bump (he informed me about all the others bumps and scratches) and that he never noticed it before taking flash photos for me. It looks like something that involves finish more than a bump (he said that you cant notice it by touching it). Is it wise to exchange my Les Paul for that guitar (if it sounds nice)? Thanks everyone Best regards
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