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  1. Thank you all for your comments and ideas on how to fix this! 2 options: New pickguards Re-glue existing pickguards I contacted Gibson directly but they were not willing to support me with this problem. The pickguards seems to be made of some thin soft plastic material and I don't see why I should buy new pickguards if they will fall off again, so i am thinking to go for the M3 repair and fix them myself. Hopefully I get a cheaper and better result that way. Have several acoustics of other brands but these two Gibson's are the only guitars with this shitty quality error.
  2. Hi, I have an issue with 2 of my Acoustic Gibson guitars. The first is an acoustic SJ200 Ebony Custom shop that I bought new a couple of years ago. The second is a Hummingbird that I bought last year from Guitar Center here in Florida, made in 2018. Both of the guitare are really nice but my problem is that the pickguards dont stick to the guiters. The glue is not good enough and the pickgards flake loose. Every time i play I have to re-attach the pickguard first but I am afraid that they will fall off soon. Any Ideas on this?
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