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  1. Hi again; I don't think I can justify saving for the standard model. anyone else own the studio? Thanks.
  2. Hi , new to Gibson forum. I'm on AGF, and am interested in purchasing a Gibson L-oo standard. I've never owned a Gibson . I don't even remember playing one. I am an acoustic fingerstyle blues and ragtime player. [trying to be anyway]. any owners of this guitar here ? it is new to me and looks to be right up my alley! Thanks!
  3. Hi TomPhx Hmm, looks like the L-oo standard is the one worth saving for! That is more my style.
  4. thanks for the advice . i never knew that about walnut! my frets are wearing thin on my Martin OM28. i fingerpick chet or doc watson stuff. still considering this L-oo studio....?
  5. curious as to why you don't think the walnut fretboard will hold up...?
  6. wow ! i thought this was a Gibson forum! no one has heard of this guitar??
  7. Hi I 'm new here . I am interested in this guitar . It looks right up my alley! anyone own one ;opinions? Thanks for any info!
  8. hi ;I'm not an owner of this guitar yet and not on this forum ;yet. what are the opinions of the L-00 studio? thanks!
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