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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4xzr_GBa8qk
  2. I hate to say this but the builders have at times fallen down on their saddles. I have had to redo them now on two of my Gibsons. One new, one pre-owned. I removed the electronics on the Southern Jumbo rosewood, added rosewood to the bottom of the saddle, sanded perfectly flat, and strung up with mediums and the difference is night and day. The saddle on my southern jumbo standard, which I bought new, has a lot of slop from front to back. I shimmed it out at the front edge, correcting the intonation, and will eventually make a new one. If things like this were happening to me the first thing I
  3. I have one. Nice guitar, balanced, good volume, nice punchy trebles. Paid $1200 used a few years back, two very minor dings. They seem to have gone up a bit.
  4. Any guitar including this one has both monetary value and the value of the joy of playing it. Depends on what one expects from the guitar. From all accounts I would love to have a Songwriter 12er.
  5. First image, J29. Second image, Southern Jumbo.
  6. Does anyone know if there other Gibsons that have the smaller heel as on the J29?
  7. Like some of the other folks here I’ve owned or played most all of them. Owned Dana builts , Terry Walker Guild builds, lots of Martin’s , Guilds, Gibsons etc. The one Martin I’ve kept was a late 70s D 35. That thing sounds wonderful, big bridge plate and all. Over 40 years old, top is thin and wobbly , but it doesn’t need a reset and it sounds like a band of angels. But I have three Gibsons that I like better. The only Taylor that I’ve ever liked is a baby Taylor and I own one of those.
  8. I do not like topics like this. Makes me want to sell a couple cherished babies and buy a Doves in Flight. 🤢
  9. I will certainly try. They don’t show up often. There was one hanging high up years ago at GC. I should have asked them to bring it down.
  10. Beautiful. I used to remember everything, now I have to carry lists.
  11. I have yet to play a dove but I have played hummingbirds. I played a hummingbird in a shop in Italy that was memorable. Had we not blown such a wad on the vacation it would now be mine. Two things I remember most about Salerno, St. Matthew’s remains in the marbled and fresco’d basement crypt of an ancient church and that particular hummingbird.
  12. Nice, seems you have the ability to bring out that wonderful Gibson tone.
  13. Thanks for the review. I cut some teeth on Bob and Neil. My 11 year old daughter took off for front and center at a Neil concert many moons ago. Indigo Girls first on the scene opening for him. We were half way back. Freaked out and losing sight of her I pushed my way through the crowd to find her front row and center hoisted atop a 250 pound leathered up biker, hands in the air rocking out to “Rust Never Sleeps”. N’er a more beautiful moment. Lullabied my babies to “Love is a Rose”. Ordering my copy...
  14. Japanese made, I believe these were off my ‘76 Guild D40.
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