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    New Es335

    I am a working jazz guitarist in a bigger city. I work at a recording studio during the day (playing lots of guitar ) and gig 3-4 nights a week. I do pretty well for myself right now and recently with all of my new life developments I decided to buy myself an Es335 studio model (2019) for my 30th birthday. It is an expensive guitar, and I saved up some money and eventually just decided to pull the trigger and buy one First off let me say that this guitar is amazing. It is superior to any guitar I have ever owned in every way. I know for the most part that sound is in the hands not the gear, but I have to say that moving from an epiphone Sheraton I’ve been playing for 10 years to this is seriously an experience. It feels like a professional instrument. Everything about it, even the smell is superior to any guitar I’ve owned or played. It freaking love it. (I think owning this guitar actually made me a little better in all fairness. I played a session the other day and played a solo and I think the better fretboard or something helped me because I played some lines that actually surprised me! The neck is so fluid and I can play really nice and smooth! It’s amazing! My main reason for posting is to ask this question. Ever since I have been showing up to places with it, I have been experiencing an IMMENSE amount of shade from fellow guitarists and musicians. Almost people mocking me for having a Gibson and saying I should have saved money and bought an epiphone. Even on the various internet searches I’ve been on there’s always these people who are so venomously anti Gibson and say to play Epis. Has anyone else dealt with this kind of crap? And if so what do you say to people ? My reasoning for the purchase really is because I’m a professional, and I need a professional instrument. I played like 80 different guitars (all semi hollows) before I even tried Gibson. But once I did I realized what was up. Gibson is the best! I’m interested to hear any stories or similar situations! Cheers!
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