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  1. Dear Gibson aficionados, I consider the purchase of an ES-339. I have rather small hands; and the slim taper neck of my SG Standard - for example - fits me very well. I thoroughly checked out a friends (2008) ES-339, the version with the "59" neck. I love this guitar, but the "59" neck is clearly too thick for me. My question is: regarding shape and thickness - with which neck is the recent production (2019) “Rounded C” more comparable: the (2008) "59" or the (2008) “30/60”? Taking in account that I like the SG neck, do you think it is likely that I can get along with the modern “Rounded C” as well? A second question to the insiders among you: do you expect that the old “30/60” ES-339 neck will become available again anytime soon? Might it be worth to wait? Your advice is much appreciated.
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