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  1. Take a look at this post for a very simple change and dramatic improvement . TLDR; Use thrust bearings with an inner diameter of 3 mm and an outer diameter of 8 mm.
  2. Better to use roller bearings. For less than $10 and 5 minutes of work, your tuners will move very smoothly and fine adjustments are possible. This should be a required upgrade for everyone (at least for R-Trem's) Purchase a thrust bearing with an inner diameter of 3 mm and an outer diameter of 8 mm. For example: https://www.amazon.com/Miniature-Thrust-Bearings-Chrome-washers/dp/B0848TZGB9/ Remove the washer of the tuning knob and insert the bearing as shown in the picture along with one washer (the second washer won't let the claw travel enough). The side of the bearing with the lip is facing down to the knob (but probably does not matter which way it faces). The race (groove) on the washer faces to the knob and bearing. [I had to edit the image to be small enough for this site. Better images are in the link below]. FYI this was from a post on the "Steinberger Headless and Hohner G2T, G3T Guitars" Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/430484140435731/permalink/1918793054938158. That has better pictures. It is a vast improvement. Easy install too. Used to think twice about adjusting for a small change because it took a lot of torque to move the tuners and was hard to do in fine increments. Used to envy the Steinbergers that had a hex wrench in the bridge to aid with tuning. Now it's very smooth and fine adjustments are much easier!
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