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  1. I’m looking for a 1976 Gibson Les Paul that was built in the Kalamazoo Michigan factory. This is a personal thing for myself as I was also born in 1976 in Michigan. Previously unaware of this specific forum I did my own research. I talked with different Gibson people none of whom could tell me how to identify a ‘76 LP made in Kzoo vs one made in Nashville. They referred me to Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville. Talking to him, Nashville was not tooled up enough to build Les Pauls in 1976 so every 1976 LP is “Made In Michigan”. Reading through stuff here, it throws my research a curve. Someone Gibson says knows what he’s talking about says Nashville didn’t have all the tools to make LP in 1976. But on here, some dude I don’t know who didn’t say what research he did and didn’t note any sources says a long tenon is Kalamazoo made. But this dude doesn’t say when that starts. So really...if Nashville doesn’t have the tools needed they can’t make a long or short tenon. Anyway, that’s where I’m at. Can someone help me who knows how to identify the build location of Les Pauls built in 1976?
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