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  1. Wonderful instrument, very well made w/ nice attention to detail & superb fit & finish. Weight, balance & playability is stellar as is the vibe, not to mention the indescribable smell of a well applied, fresh nitro finish. Nothing smells sweeter than “new Gibson” IMHO! Gripes: Gibson’s advertised specs indicate guts as “hand wired w/ orange drop capacitors”. Mine features a PC board w/ no sign of orange drops. I’ve checked out several other online reviews of this model which feature the same electronics. Perhaps Gibson experienced an overwhelming demand for this model, thus elected to sub PC guts in order to meet deliveries? If so, it would be a nice move on their part to offer hand wired harnesses to those owners who supported this model’s release as a concession for the associated disappointment in opening the control cavity!?! With that said,... the 2019 Pelham Blue SG Special is still one hell of a guitar & at this price point, certainly one of the finest electric guitars produced this year.
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