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  1. Okay then. I guess it's the Oscar Schmidt. Should I give it 'til the weekend?
  2. The nice thing about purchasing from a local store is the service. If something goes whacky and you can't set it up/correct it yourself, you can just pop in and get it done for you. Bring you wallet though. That's what they do for a living. I really enjoy my B-stock MIK Epiphone Wildkat. I purchased it used and between the company that refurbishes the B-stocks and the player who owned it prior to me, it's a nice playing instrument. Unique axe. Small for a semi-hollow and the Bigsby is fun. Plus if I scratch it I don't care. It's a used B-stock, after all. Good luck with it. Get your practice time in and make that baby growl and sing.
  3. Hello Epiphone Les Paul owners and experts. I'm in search of help and guidance for my next NGD. I'm currently without humbuckers. I own a modified EPI LP Special P-90s for Rock & Roll and a B-stock Wildkat for Rockabilly. My main electric is a mid-80's CIJ '62RI Fender Telecaster. I'm a basement player (love Robben Ford and Michael Bloomfield style) boning up on my B.B. King playing and singing after years (a decade maybe) of stagnation at a moderate plateau. I need humbuckers. Won't spend for the cash for the Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s Cherryburst that I obviously deserve. I've done some looking around. At a budget of a mere $250 delivered, I think I can make myself happy. Does anyone have experience with the Epiphone LP Studio LT Heritage Cherry Burst featured on Sweetwater? How about the Oscar Schmidt OE2OCS featured on Amazon? I'm undecided. Not a huge Dot fan. Love the Cherry Burst. Always wanted that. I owned a Washburn/Oscar Schmidt Delta King semi-hollow about fifteen years ago and it was a fine guitar. I'm on the fence here because I do enjoy my EPI LP Special P-90s with the tuners upgraded. Do you have any experience with either guitar and can you offer any guidance as to fit and finish, tonal quality, weight, playability and QC control? The online reviews are limited and most are from loving fanboys, which is fine, but I'm wondering if there is a significant difference between these axes. Thanks very much.
  4. ...you! I need your help please. I'm here in North Jersey with a hankering for a Les Paul. Never had one. I own an EPI Special with the P-90s that I glittered up and upgraded the tuners on. I still play it regularly in rotation with a pair of Telecasters and an Epi Wildkat. I signed up yesterday and I guess they cleared me from purgatory. Nice to be with you guys. I'll start a thread in the proper section in quest of my gift to myself. Thanks for having me here.
  5. ...yes it's true. All I want, girl is...
  6. The Wildkat is a very good guitar (a great Rockabilly beginner guitar) but it's a bit temperamental due to the Bigsby/ trem bar/whammy bar. If you love it and you like/trust the retailer, lay your $350 down. If not, get an Epi LP special or a Squier Bullet on the internet from the big boxless for less than half the price. Astounding quality for the extremely modest cost.
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