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  1. Anyone own an SG Baritone? My GAS is kicking up....would love to hear some reviews. Also some reviews about the Buckethead Baritone Signature and Studio.
  2. Just for the record, fixing down the bridge was something that Chet Atkins himself always did and advocated. He recommended nailing it down but also mentioned screwing it in and/or gluing it down. Not saying I recommend that, but Chet did which I am sure is likely the reason that the previous owner did. Seems "back in the day" the airlines were always damaging Chet's guitars and he claimed that he had to re-affix the bridge every time he got to a show. I am not at a place where I can easily Google it to provide proof but a google search will bring that right up. All of that said $2400 is a little high for one that is not exactly how you want it. You should easily be able to find one for that price. PS--for what it is worth he also always flipped the Bridge pickup. Kind of like the "Peter Green" mod for the Les Paul only with the Bridge and not the neck.
  3. Custom shop (?) project Anyone have any idea on the model of this (mostly husk) Les Paul. The seller claims it is a Custom Shop "Education Series" guitar from Gibson. I have looked and looked and cannot find anything remotely like it on the internet. He is asking a very favorable price for it and I would love some more background info before I buy it. His claim is that he worked at Gibson when he bought it and that he planned to refinish it and never got around to doing so. His story sounds credible but again I can find no such animal anywhere that I have seen.
  4. One of my cousins had (from his childhood in the 1970s) a still new in the box Hondo II H125 A guitar that is a cheap Korean copy of a Martin D 17 that he offered to my son (his wife was threatening to "take it to the dump".) The used ones I see on Ebay sell for $20-50. This one is 40+ years old and BRAND new. Put new strings on it and checked the setup and it seems fine. He is outside right now in the back yard with a group of kids, banging away on it. Fun to watch.
  5. So,thank you all for the help. He loved his new guitars. He was nearly equally excited to have a Marshall amp. He has not stopped playing them. Played them all day Christmas and continued through our extended family Christmas on Christmas night. Fun to see him playing and getting started with his guitars.
  6. He is also getting a Marshall avt 275 Amp. I wanted to get him a smaller amp but they gave me a deal of $275 out the door including power cord and guitar cable. I did not want an amp this big but the price was right
  7. So he is getting a Marshall amp. It is an ATV 275 model.
  8. So the story is that I used to do some work with Gibson (selling them the wood as a teenager which my Grandfather and I (mostly him) cut.) Living in Nashville I was able to make a few contacts and got him a spectacualr Les Paul Prototype model from the Gibson vault. Being blessed with many friends, a guy who owed me showed up with the Les Paul studio. At first I was a bit leery of giving him both but he is a great kid and I thought it was actually perfect--he gets a really nice one to have around and keep and he also gets one that he can take out and bang on without worring about damaging a one of a kind prototype. I realize the whole thing sounds odd and I really do not have a whole lot of $$ in them. As mentioned previously (somewhere) it is very interesting how several people that I know who are musicians have reacted when I have shown them. When they see the Les Paul Standard, they gasp or "ooh and aahhh" When I show them the studio they GRAB it and start strumming--which is exactly what I envisioned when I thought about the question of giving him BOTH. I never started out to give him 2 guitars--and certainly not 2 Les Pauls--but that is kind of how it worked out. I have had literally dozens of hours of entertainment reading about all the Les Pauls and the variations for the last few weeks and even though I do not play (yet) I am now considering getting me one and learning. It seems (as most of you already know) that it is pretty easy to get interested and fired up about guitars!
  9. TY for that advice. I took it to Gruhn Guitars in Nashville and they oiled it for me. They suggested Lemon oil
  10. My other background is shooting and I am squarely in the camp of "oil is oil" for my firearms. Not knowing guitars, I was a tiny bit afraid of ruining a finish or something on my son's guitar. Lemon oil at home Depot is cheap so I got him some.
  11. TY. I ended up taking it to Gruhn Guitars in Nashville and the checked it out for me (for free. They are really nice). They oiled it. Advice from them for future was "cheapest possible lemon oil" from Lowe's or Home Depot. I am nearly as excited about the studio as I am about the Standard. Everyone who has played it has deemed it "a player". I'm am new to all of this and do not play, but I am finding myself a bit obsessed.
  12. It is very much forever in my PACS. But since it is mine, it will be ok.
  13. The 2008 Studio seems to just scream out "play me". Although it is in great shape with only some little scratches to the pickguard, it seems the guitar just looks like one that is made to be played and "not made to be looked at". I have several friends that are professional musicians (who I asked to check it out) and every single one of them has instantly grabbed it with an almost giddy look and started playing it. When I showed them the Les Paul standard (see previous thread), they gasped at its beauty and did not touch it. When I showed them this one (2008 Studio) they get a big grin and GRAB it. I love that difference in the 2 guitars! This is the previous thread I keep referencing https://forum.gibson.com/topic/155109-parent-to-new-les-paul-recipient/?tab=comments#comment-2019584
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