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  1. Found out artist who painted it is Wayne Jarrett. He did guitars
  2. Heard back from Gibson. It is a Landmark Series guitar made in 1996 originally was “Navajo turquoise” . So mystery solved on the model. Still no clue on who Jarrett is LOL
  3. Really ? why ? ☹️I have a Les Paul and the logo on head and all look exactly the same as does the case etc. Why would someone bother making a fake of this model ? I would think they would copy more popular models or more $$ model.
  4. I recently purchased this guitar for my son. I am trying to find out information about it. The custom finish ? Etc who did it ? What is this model ? It looks a lot like a nighthawk. Mark on back of body says Jarrett ‘98 the back of head is marked but hard to see 92206410 made in USA thank you for any help
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