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  1. Yes... This particular J-45 is a 2007 reissue with an adjustable saddle. I had the adjustable bridge/saddle removed and replaced with a fixed bridge/saddle not too long ago since the guitar has sentimental value. I did not want to part with it but I also now much prefer fixed saddles. Brothers in Wind Gap, PA did the work (neck reset was also needed) and this J-45 is my number 1!. I have a comment above that describes the guitar in more detail. I appreciate the knowledge of this group.
  2. I recently took a look inside. I'm pretty sure this is standard bracing.
  3. Thanks! I'll take a look and report back. Much appreciated!
  4. Interesting... I am the original owner of a 2007 J-45 I purchased at CME in July of '08. The orange label says STYLE: J-45, next line GIBSON: SPECIAL. I believe it was a limited reissue of a late '50's J-45 with adjustable bridge, batwing pickguard, 3-on-plate-tuners with white buttons, gold silk screen block headstock logo, bone nut, fret dots only up to 14th fret, 20 fret neck, no stamp (or CS logo) on back of headstock, serial number on neck block and sound hole label, Tri-burst finish. It also has the Banner logo. I was always curious if this guitar was a 'True Vintage' ADJ model since it has pretty much all the aesthetics. Perhaps this was a one-off from a Japanese run. I believe the ADJ is popular there. Was the banner only used for TV in '07? Are there any other characteristics that might determine True Vintage status? I have checked with Gibson and CME before but they couldn't verify. Nonetheless, the guitar sounds wonderful. I had all the ADJ hardware removed a few years back with a fixed bridge and bone saddle. Brothers Music in PA did a superb job. I even compared mine side-by-side with a 1949 J-45 that I was considering and it held it's own. The only thing is the neck carve is fairly shallow. It's comfortable but not at all chunky. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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