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  1. Congrats! I've got a happy little Chevy, about the same year. Artillery Owl does have a good point, 4x4 is not a magic cure-all. Remember to throw sandbags (or rock salt, that can serve dual purpose if you really get stuck) over the rear-axel, give you some extra weight in the back. I'd say 200 lbs. worth. Enjoy, though!
  2. Page helped make the Double Neck. Admittedly, the first place I saw one was in the video for "Welcome Home," by Coheed & Cambria. But, seeing Page rocking people's balls off with one really sold me on how friggin' cool the damn things are. Back to Phil Collins, he's a great drummer, absolutely. And I agree that it's a shame to see someone who can really, really play waste their talent. I'm not sayin' John Mayer is wasting his talent, I've got a sexually compromising admiration for some of his slower pop stuff. But, that guy can play the damn guitar, even extending beyond his blues stuff. He grew up listening to 80's Butt Rock and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and you can tell in some of the live jams he does.
  3. Definitely not my normal morning jam, but her voice is stunning. Thanks for throwin' this on here.
  4. Neo, it's not nice to laugh at people disabiwities. How did this thing with Texas get started?
  5. Sorry, I should've been more specific. Gibson's don't use one single piece as the headstock, it's laminated. So, if the back of the headstock is one piece of wood, unlike the picture I just added, it's not a legit Gibson.
  6. My brother was trying to get rid of moles, and looking for live mole traps. The guy he was talking to gave him a strange look, and said, "the hell you hell you want a live mole for?!" I feel like the same rings true for bees, poison 'em dawg.
  7. I just tweak the tone knobs until I find an equilibrium where I'm not sacrificing too much of the guitar's edge, but it's not squealing like a girl at a Justin Bieber concert. Personally, I love playing with that danger of your sound screaming out of control, keeps you on your toes. But, sometimes you gotta tone it down (regretfully).
  8. Buy which ever one is comfortable, you're definitely not the first to have this debate (I'm going through strat withdrawal right now). Remember, you can always buy another guitar down the road. I'd forget about the coil tapping, though. It'll sound like a strat, but only enough to drive you crazy and remind you that it's not one. I love my Les Paul, but a good strat is something that can't be overlooked.
  9. Go take a look at it, check the back of the headstock to see if it's one piece, or 3 pieces, like this.
  10. Hayley Williams. There, I said it.
  11. Dis 'em. Bees are very sensitive, so a few well placed sarcastic remarks about their black and yellow abdomens, how their ability to fly ought to be physically impossible, should get rid of 'em.
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