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  1. Barely any gunk. Quite a clean guitar. Would like to keep it that way, if possible. A bit of fingerboard cleaner and conditioner should do the trick. The Nomad F1 looks pretty good for my application. Have some old cotton tshirts that I heard should do the trick. I've got the Cherryburst. Here's a link to the exaxt same guitar as mine, to give you an idea. Posting personal pics on here is tough, so this is alot easier. https://www.laguitarsales.com/index.php/gibson-hummingbird-44035.html V
  2. Ha. No kidding. But that would be the same for rosewood? I should have also asked about the ideal cloth for body/fretboard. Some say cotton, others say microfiber.
  3. Hey friends, I just picked up the Virtuoso cleaner and polish for my guitar body, but am now looking for the best recommended fretboard cleaner. I have a 2014 Quilt Hummingbird with a rosewood fretboard. I've looked at the Nomad F-1 and the Dunlop fretboard duo. Any other suggestions for keeping my fretboard clean and conditioned? Or should I go with one of the above? Thanks, V
  4. Perfect. Thanks for all the input guys. I'll see what's available for me here in ON, CA.
  5. Nice choice man. I own the 2014 version of the Cherryburst HB bird with the quilt maple sides and back and it's just pretty in every way. While yours may sound a bit different given the mahogany, it will bring you hours of joy. Enjoy!
  6. So I picked one up just a few weeks ago off of Kijiji in Ontario. $2600 for a mint condition 2014 Quilt Maple Cherryburst. There's a pic in my intro writeup. They are available on local second hand sites, but you just have to check everyday and dont settle. It took me years to find this one. She had it at $3500 and it wouldn't sell. It's hard to patient when wanting a new toy, but definitely worth it.
  7. Hey folks, Looking for some input on the best polish for my 2014 Hunmingbird. Cherryburst. Quilt maple sides and back. . She sounds great and I want to keep her looking just as good. Right now I'm using a microfiber cloth and my breath. Seems inefficient. Thanks. V
  8. Hey friends.. First time Gibson owner from Toronto, Ontario, CA. After 25 years of playing an entry level acoustic, I found the guitar I'd been waiting for and finally could afford. Just yesterday, I bought a barely used, 2014 Quilt Maple Cherryburst Hummingbird. The previous owner said she stored it in her temperate bedroom, in the case, in her closet. She says she may have played it four times in four years. I couldn't believe it either. She said she worried too much about dinging it up. Well, good thing, it's flawless. Reading up on the forum to be sure I treat her right.. Great to be here. V
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