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  1. Mine was used as a rental for about three years before I bought it, mostly by touring musicians doing local concerts here in Ottawa. I have to think they shook the bugs out during that time, so I don't think I'll have those problems. Fingers crossed. Hearing your story makes me glad I went for the used one instead of the new one. Makes me mind even less about the dents in the finish... not that it mattered much even when I bought it. When I first played it, it sang to me, so the rest was kind of moot. I didn't even think to test the pick-up until I got it home.
  2. And here I was thinking the L.R. Baggs was a good thing. What kind of trouble did you have with it?
  3. Thanks, kidblast. I did read somewhere that for the 2016 J-45, they changed the pick-up, dressed the fretboard and frets differently, and used finer sandpaper for the finish. On the Long & McQuade web page, they say the same things were done for the SJ200, which makes me think the year stamp was a sort-of milestone thing, a way of marking these changes in production.
  4. I got my J-45 back in August, an ex-rental from Long & McQuade here in Ottawa, and the truss rod plate is stamped with (what I believe is) its year of manufacture. While watching various comparison/review videos, I've noticed that it's rare to see the truss rod plate stamped with anything, let alone a year. So, now I'm wondering: Why are some stamped with a year and some not?
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