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  1. Hello Everyone, Hopefully, I'm in the "Introduce Yourself" forum; the site is a little confusing, but maybe I clicked on the right button. I'm Rore, in my early 70's, living in North Alabama. I consider myself somewhere between a beginner and an intermediate, but I've been playing for many years off and on. I've played in a neighborhood garage band with music ranging from folk, to country, to rock and roll, and I played with a gospel group for a while. I've been basically a strummer, but hit a few licks from time to time, songs like Dust in the Wind for example. I have a Gibson 335 electric, a Taylor 614 acoustical/electric, a Martin DM acoustical/electric, and a Martin HD- 28, and love them all. There's nothing that sounds as pretty as a well tuned guitar in my humble opinion. I'm not sure what kind of information you folks usually provide in the introduction, but I'll say I'm happy to find the site and may have some questions from time to time, The only thing on my mind right now is a ranking of Epiphone Les Paul guitars - There are so many that I'm actually confused on which ones are the best and why they are considered the best, and I know better than to just use price to rank them. Any help anyone can provide on this will be much appreciated..
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