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  1. If I was only doing my pickups (Again) on my Sherry II I'd definitely use what we now call "The Cheat Method". Pulling the original Epi electronics out of a semi-hollow body guitar and putting the same ones back in is a bit of a job and doesn't seem justified to me. If you're going to do all that, change the pots, switch, and jack while you're in there. Mojo can help you with that also. If you're completely satisfied with the electronics and just want to try different pickups, then definitely go with "The Cheat Method". There is absolutely nothing wrong with it if it's done the right way. Just like any electronics soldering job. I you do tackle the complete job, let me/us know if you were in any frame of mind to operate a video camera.
  2. Looks like it's missing a string.
  3. teleholic, according to this description........ Click Here ,the spacing on the Gotoh 103B (if this is the same as yours) is 52mm which is about 2.04 inches. The original bridge from my 93 Sherry is about 1.96 inches which is 49.78 mm. So it looks like the Gotoh is just a little wider. The new Tonepros bridge I put on mine is a little wider at 2-1/16 inches. I doesn't match the tail piece.
  4. Yeah. It should pretty much be a drop-in from here on out (I hope) if I ever want/need to change it again. It's a 1993 I believe from the Samick factory. My avatar is a pic of the beast pre upgrade.
  5. The Tonepros bridge doesn't fit. I'll attest to that now. I talked to WD when I ordered it and decided to go with it anyway. After some glue, hardwood plugs, and some drilling it's all in. After the new inserts were installed and the bridge was set in place you can't tell anything was ever touched. The string spacing is a little wider than the original. I might grab the matching tailpiece for it now if I can find out if it matches the new saddle spacing. I can't find any specs on it so it might be another call to WD. You can see the difference in the alignment from the saddles to the tailpiece but it doesn't affect the tunability or playability whatsoever. I also decided to go with the MojoMusic 335 wiring assembly and I installed it during the parts delivery waiting period while I had the guitar apart. That was a real fun job. I had my doubts in a few spots but everything eventually fit right into place. All that, along with the new hot matching humbuckers from StewMac, and this thing sounds and plays really sweet. Thanks for all the help everyone.
  6. CM

    new pots?

    A 500K pot is generally used with a humbucker, which is what you have so you're good. The "A" stands for Audio Taper which is also good for most people. You can Google for Audio and Linear Taper to get more info on all that. 250K pots are usually used with single coil pickups.
  7. Well...... The last of my parts will be here Tuesday and in the mean time I thought I'd go ahead and install the new neck pickup. I started to loosen the strings a little to give myself some clearance and the D string popped at the saddle once again. It's done it before. That was all I needed to start a search for a new bridge. I can't just file the saddle. It's got to be the whole stinking bridge and tail piece. And I don't even really need a new tail piece. I think I've got some kind of illness or something. Anyway, my guitar is the exact same as in jerrymac's post a few up from here. Same color, hardware, and all. Check out my avatar. The first few of the serial are S932 out of an eight digit serial. So I would guess it's a Samick from 93. These are the pieces I'm going to try. Click on the descriptions......................................... TonePros/Graph Tech Metric Tune-O-Matic (large posts) - GOLD Tonepros Metric Tailpiece - Gold My measurements are very close to these metric replacements. Has anyone done any measuring or tried any others since the last post?
  8. I used to sit almost all of the time up until about ten or fifteen years ago and now it's mostly standing for me. I never played to perform in front of anyone so sitting was/is no problem. I still always sit when I practice.
  9. OK TWANG. Now I know what you're talking about as far as the treble bleed caps. This is copied off of the Mojotone's PDF wiring diagram.................................. ........................................................................................................................................ Volume Mod(Stock on most prewired assemblies): Jump a 220k resistor and a 471pf capacitor parallel from the un grounded outer lug (the same lugs that the pickup leads go to) to the center lug on each volume pot. This will give you a smooth taper and preserve your highs when you turn down. This also helps bring your pickups to life a little. ......................................................................................................................................... This sounds like something I'd like. They sell this little baby right here.........Click Here For The Cap And Resistor Setup If anyone's had any experience with this combo feel free to chime in.
  10. Thanks jcwillow777. 1586 it is then. Yeah, I've read a few of the discussions on the caps and I feel you're probably right. I say "probably" because I haven't had any real experience with them......yet. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks very much for your reply TWANG. Allparts and WD were on my list. For the caps I was looking at the Allparts Vitamin Q Oil Paper Capacitor .022. From what I've read it should have .022's in it right now. As far as shielded wire goes, would you suggest shielded or unshielded? I'm not sure if it would make a difference. What is the difference between mini and regular pots besides the size. What could the drawback be other than not having a whole lot of soldering area. Thanks.
  12. The cheat method is to install the pickup by cutting the wires on the old one and then just splicing and soldering the new and old together instead of removing the entire harness and soldering directly to the pots. I don't want to take anything off of the guitar and measure without having all of the parts I need to just go ahead and finish the project. But I will if I have to. I figured I could probably ask the supply company for a little guidance on sizes but I thought I'd ask here first for a little comparison just in case. I'm not sure I'm going to buy everything from Stewmac. Thanks for the replies.
  13. I put a new StewMac Golden Age Humbucker on the bridge a few weeks ago using the cheat method and it sounds fantastic. It took about 40 minutes for the install, a good cleaning, and new strings. The wiring access hole under the pickup looks like it's big enough to feed a wiring harness and its components through (I hope) so I'm going for it. I'm going to order the matching neck pickup and everything I need for a new harness. My question is, should I order long or short shafts on the pots, jack, and switch or is it a mix for some reason or other? I did a search of this forum and read the Sheraton Rebirth thread. Looking at the pictures it's kind of hard to tell. The wiring harness description for the 335 at Mojotone mentions short shaft pots and a extra long input jack. Click Here For Mojotone I could yank everything out and measure it but I don't want the whole mess sitting on the kitchen table while I'm waiting for parts. Thanks for reading and also for any help.
  14. Here's a link to a video that Ron G turned me on to. Click On This
  15. Thanks a lot Ron G. That video is just what I was looking for. I could watch that kind of stuff for hours. One down side to your help is, now I'm also thinking about replacing the other electronics while I'm in there. Where does it stop? Thanks again Ron G.
  16. Hi All. I own a Sheraton II from 1991 or 92. It's a lovely playing and feeling guitar and I'm very glad I bought it. I'm kind of curious to know what it would sound like with a slightly hotter humbucker at the bridge so after alot of reading and listening I decided to swap out to a StewMac Golden Age 12K Bridge. It came a few days ago and I'm going to install it in the next couple. I'm no stranger to soldering and wiring but I've never done a hollow body before. I searched the forums here for videos, tips, and/or tricks to no avail. There is alot of reading to be done here and it's probably an oversight on my part. Can anyone offer any info or links on this site or others for tips, tricks, or even possibly a video for the operation? I've seen the Seymour Duncan videos on Youtube but they're for Strat and Les Paul styles with pickguard or access plate installations. Thanks.
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