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  1. Good ideas. I should have use better precision when installing the new saddles, but if this doesn't work (and I am waiting to hear back about hew screws) I am going to replace the entire bridges. Thanks!
  2. The new saddles fit properly on the screws. There is no issue with the relationship between the old or new saddles and the original (only) screws. This issue is that the entire bridge assembly is cheaply made in China and the saddle screws don't want to go into their slots in the bridge without pressure. The saddles are metric, as are the screws. The screws are bent from the pressure of my fingers trying to force them back into the bridge. I need new screws and I will take better care reinstalling them this go around. I am not having trouble diagnosing the problem; I need to know where to buy the saddle screws.
  3. The saddles move freely on the screws. The fit of the flanges/notches of screws into the bridge is peculiar and requires a bit of pressure or even force, which causes the soft metal to bend.
  4. I am looking for one myself, and don't want pot metal, but don't want to over spend, either. What are the contenders you have found so far? I am just getting started and need about a dozen of them.
  5. What make and model bridge did you use?
  6. I have swapped out the stock saddles in several of my Epiphone guitars for the Graph Tech string saver. The problem I have is that the screws fit tightly into bridges and several have bent under the pressure to reseat them. That is causing the saddle to move up or down as the intonation is being set, causing string height issues. Is there a known source for these saddle screws, and what can be done to prevent this, going forward? Thanks!
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