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  1. I just purchased a Masterbilt Century Deluxe Classic. I haven't experienced any electronic issues — from first time I plugged in at the store, into a small Fender acoustic amp, I was immediately taken with its warm tones, and very good string balance /clarity, from low bass to treble . No quacky-ness, no funky static, no feedback. Plays great, too, with a fantastic neck. Maybe I was lucky, but I doubt it, since overall I find the guitar to have great playability, craftsmanship, and tone — for the price, it's just very well built. It sounds great through my Acoustic A-1000 amp, so it's a keeper for me. My only slight disappointment was the color: judging from the photos on various product websites, the "vintage natural" finish appeared to me to be a blonde/natural finish. I had to order the guitar online, and when I got it unboxed I was surprised to see the finish is much darker, more of a caramel or tobacco color. Anybody else have notes on the color? It's OK, though. I like the guitar so much that I don't plan on returning or exchanging it.
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