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  1. Talked to guitar center here and one of their guys says it may be blue because a lot were repainted, which I didn't know. They are going to check it under a black light to see. He said value should be around 1K ???
  2. I am looking for why my LP XR-1 was made in 1980 when they run from 1981 -1983 and the color blue is not listed as a color on these models. Also trying to figure the value in excellent condition. Thanks for any help.
  3. I have a 1980 Gibson les paul lp xr-1 in blue color, I have contacted Gibson and they tell me it is a real one but don't have any records back that far. The internet does not have much info. on these other than they were the preclude to the studio and made from 1981 to 1983. here is my problem, mine was made in Oct. of 1980 and the letter badge LP XR-1 is smaller and I can not find another in blue. Can anyone help me here with value, LPXR-1 badge with small letters and blue color, thanks
  4. I have a 1980 Les Paul LP XR-1 in blue color. I can not find any information on this and I have not seen another blue one in any pics on the internet. Can anyone help me with this, I have contacted Gibson and they say it is a real Gibson but they didn't keep good records back then. This guitar was built Oct. of 1980 in Nashville and that is all I know from the serial number. Not much or no information on the internet either on these LP XR-1.
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