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  1. It has a higher grade maple top instead of mahogany. It has ebony fretboard instead of rosewood. Gold hardware and the binding on the custom is a triple type binding as well as the head stock. I just got my Johnny Standard and amazed at the playability of it. It may be the best playing neck I've ever had & I've had very nice Custom Shops, Andersons, Zions, McPherson guitar etc... And I really like the "understated" vintage look of the standard. Nickel hardware, nice inlays, cream binding. Absolutely a beautiful guitar for a "scaled down" model...LOL
  2. Actually construction wise they are both the same as far as being true hollowbodies... No block etc... I'm looking for someone who may have played both. Wondering what the difference is between the custom which has a maple top, and the standard which has the mahogany top. Only other structural difference is the custom has the ebony fretboard as opposed to the standards' rosewood. On guitars I've owned, the ebony gives a guitar a bit more snap....Troy @ Wildwood has sold both, played both and says the Johnny Standard has a bit warmer sound. That is what I'm totally expecting. I should hav
  3. Hey, wondering on the Standard Johnny A in the Ginger finish. Are there different "ginger" finishes or all the same? I've seen one on Ebay recently that was labeled "ginger red" and it sure looked more red than others I've seen, but I did not think there were varying degrees of that finish... Anyone know anything? I've got one (standard ginger) coming in from Wildwood guitars in about a week. Thanks..
  4. Hi, I'm looking at getting into one of these Johnny A Guitars...Most you see are the Customs with the Sunburst/Gold hardware etc...Pretty pricey... I'm wondering at the sonic difference with the Standard, i.e ginger or mahogany on mahogany? Anyone owe a standard or played both and could weigh in on differences? Thanks, Jeff
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