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  1. Yes. Thought those days were long over.
  2. Oh...that is a let down.
  3. I've (obviously) looked in all my sound holes of my acoustic guitars at one time or another, and never have I ever seen any traces of glue.
  4. No just got bored one day at work and sat and made a Word Document of every guitar I could remember I had. I only have 6 total (stringed instruments) now. The bass and bass amp can go. I rarely touch it.
  5. The stuff I own and have owned is dwarfed by some. My collection really grew when I was on terminal leave from the Coast Guard and started working at Norfolk Southern Railroad. I was buying guitars left and right. Those days are over. Fell out of love with electrics and in love with acoustics. Some guys in the acoustic forum have half that many in just J-45's.
  6. Here is a question I have. What do so many people want hide glue? I see the outside of my guitar and whatever I see through the hole. I don't go looking for glue inside my guitar.
  7. For years I still wonder what that hell are about half of the lyrics Robert Plant sang.
  8. Here is every guitar and bass, I have ever owned that I can remember. Of all the guitars I think only the Ovation was foreign. I currently have 6. D-41, D-15M, J12-16GT, 000-28, Fender J Bass and a Uke. Guitars Gibson 1957 Gibson ES-225TD Burst (Sold) Used 1978 Gibson “The Paul” Walnut (Sold) Used 1982 Gibson SG Special Mahogany (Sold) Used 1999 Gibson Explorer Ebony (Sold) Used 2000 SG Special Brown (Sold) Used 2002 Les Paul Classic Ebony (Sold) Used 2005 Les Paul Studio 50’s Tribute Honeyburst (Sold) Used 2007 Gibson Les Paul Studio Mahogany (Sold) New 2009 Gibson BB King Lucille Signature Model Red (Traded) Used 2010 SG Standard Ebony (Sold) Used 2014 ES-335 Vintage Burst (Traded) New 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro II Merlot (Traded) Used 2014 Gibson J-15 (Sold) Used Fender 1976 Fender American Telecaster Natural (Sold) Used 1985 Fender American Standard Jazz Bass Black Used 1997 Fender American Series Stratocaster Silver (Sold) Used 1997 Fender California Series Telecaster Black (Sold) Used 1997 Fender American Standard Telecaster Blond (Sold) Used 2002 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster Triburst (Sold) Used 2002 Fender American Standard Telecaster Triburst (Sold) Used 2006 Fender American Special Fretless Jazz Bass Candy Apple Red (Sold) Used 2007 Fender Highway One Telecaster Triburst (Sold) New 2007 Fender Highway One Stratocaster Black (Sold) New 2012 Fender American Standard Stratocaster Jade Green (Sold) Used Warmoth 2009 Warmoth Jazzmaster Olympic White (Sold) New Martin 2000 Martin D-15 (Gave Away As A Present) Used 2001 Martin J12-16GT SN 797692 New 2011 Martin D-28 SN 1539765 New (Sold) 2012 Martin D-15M Burst (Traded) New 2013 Martin 000-28 SN 1663330 Used 2014 Martin D-18 SN 1845212 (Sold) New 2017 Martin D-15M SN 207xxxx Used 2017 Martin D-35 SN 2160304 (Traded for a D-41) Used 2019 Martin D-41 SN 2322564 New Guild 1987 Guild JF-30 (Sold) Used Rickenbacker 2001 Rickenbacker 4003 Bass Jetglo (Sold) Used Ovation 1982 Ovation Acoustic Burst (Sold) Used
  9. Probably the custom one you will need to order.
  10. Hot Rats and Chunga's Revenge are out for delivery. They were supposed to be here on Saturday. B0ner.
  11. The English used to spit (Gob as they called it) on acts playing when punk was big in the late 70's.
  12. He is the real deal. He was a drunk, got kicked out the the band he was in. sobered up, got married had a kid and his career is making the Drive By Truckers look silly. He can play, sing and write.
  13. Usually when you hear noise and then it goes away when you touch something metal (ground) on your guitar and the noise goes away its a ground issue, cause you just became the ground. Not sure if your pups are going microphonic or not.
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