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  1. I was stationed there when I was in the Navy.
  2. I got Fripp and Eno - No P-ussyfooting, and Todd Rundgren - Todd, Hermit and A Wizard the other day on 180 gram vinyl. Muy Bueno.
  3. You can't have good tone until you put stickers all over it like Alvin did with Big Red. That's 5 guitars for you in month or so. I bow down. How about another with a big hole in it?
  4. I used to watch SCTV all the time when I was younger. I love Trailer Park Boys. I know the guy who played Mr. Lahey passed a few years back. Kids In The Hall was funny too.
  5. Eric bought the guitar and the cut off part was already off. https://www.groundguitar.com/eric-clapton-gear/eric-claptons-1958-gibson-korina-explorer/#:~:text=Electric Guitar Strings-,Eric Clapton's 1958 Gibson Korina Explorer,the early to mid-70s.&text=The photo was taken so,is mostly just a guess.
  6. I know what a hash tag is #, but what is does I have no clue.
  7. Je m'appelle Sgt. Pepper. My name is Sgt Pepper. I remembered that. Crepe's too. Those are good with nutella spread
  8. Seriously what's a poo. A t-urd. Isn't Lake Erie perch like a brown trout.
  9. No he can now talk s-hit about the political party he doesn't like now he's a 'Merican. And he can vote.
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