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  1. I was at the outdoor show. The Clash were better than The Who that day. The Who were good, but that day not great. Farewell Tour my a-ss.
  2. rct it might have hums. https://shop.fender.com/en-US/electric-guitars/telecaster/special-edition-custom-telecaster-fmt-hh/0262004520.html
  3. Ok. Someone must make a bigger threaded piece to hold the strap on better. All my acoustics are purely acoustic.
  4. If your ditching the electronics, Stew Mac makes a thing called NoJac. https://www.stewmac.com/parts-and-hardware/endpins-and-bridge-pins/nojak-endpin.html
  5. I had so much electrical and electronic theory shoved in my head over thirty years ago when I joined The Navy. All those damn formulas for solving inductive reactance and capacitive reactance and Ohm's Law. As for the variable, no clue, I now just fix electrical stuff that breaks where I work.
  6. I love when old guys think they still look good rocking the long hair.
  7. It has 3 pups so the price is justified and Peter Frampton's name on the TRC.
  8. Here is what Gollum, I mean Steve really looks like in real life.
  9. Go to a store if you can and play everything there. If you like one take it home.
  10. If you'll be my bodyguard I can be your long lost pal That is just silly. But he did write Bridge Over Troubled Water and tons of other classics.
  11. I've tried a few sets of JP strings. They are nice.
  12. I've seen CSN twice. Once was in Concord, CA and the other was in Honolulu, HI. The acts that came on before CSN were Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt. It was a benefit for the Iniki Hurricane.
  13. I've seen Willie three times, The first was really great the last two were lack luster.
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