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  1. Sgt. Pepper


    One of the best guitars Gibson ever made.
  2. Its now on Amazon to rent. People say its good but if your a Zappa fan you will probably not learn much that you don't already know.
  3. Blow By Blow (Instrumental), Wired (Instrumental) , Beck-Ola (Rod Stewart on vocals), Truth (Rod Stewart on vocals). Not to familiar with his Yardbird days. The Jeff Beck Group self titled album is good too and the one before it Rough And Ready. I can't remember who sang on those.
  4. Too bad she didn't poop on Johnny. It would be an improvement.
  5. I have a mono version from the super mega Sgt Pepper box set. Its on CD, but I do have a vinyl copy of The White Album. And there are differences.
  6. I thought Where Is My Guitar was written by Steve Ford after he got his guitar swiped of the delivery truck.
  7. I've heard that album a few 1000 times. I think I'll rock it this week.
  8. Depp is a certified loon.
  9. This thread started in 2014, Covid was about 5 years away.
  10. If Jeff Beck is on stage allowing a pre-recorded track to be used (by any musician) while he is playing live - for shame.
  11. I think you were bad this year and its coal. Although I worked for Norfolk Southern at their coal pier in Norfolk and coal is not as heavy as it looks.
  12. None of my pickguards have animals on them. A few are tortoise shell colored though.
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