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  1. Make me a deal and make it straight.
  2. Not a huge buyer of CD's but if something interestong comes around I will get it. It has a DVD (with I think the night filmed is a different night than the songs that are original live album), and two CD with I guess from a whole concert from the 4 or 5 days of shows they did. 5 of the songs on the DVD has sound or film track issues, which are the bonus tracks.
  3. Todd Rundgren's carrer. He can make such killer music and make you go WTF. Utopia was a strange nut too. Love Oppps...Wrong Planet
  4. When will U2 put out another album of useless drivel.
  5. The inlays are nicer. And sometimes a Varitone switch.
  6. That's cool, but why is the Ford motor company doing it and not Gibson. I did not see Gibson donated 25 k worth of guitars to Ford or did I not read it wrong.
  7. Church's don't pay taxes. Liquor stores and weed stores do.
  8. I think as long as they played in the game. The LV Raiders won today. I grew up in The Bay Area as despise the 49ers (that is not what I usually call them). I've supported The Raiders in Oakland, LA, back to Oakland and now Vegas. Damn when they are finally playing in front of people what a good excuse to go to Vegas.
  9. What is it your asking? Your curious about options and then you tell us Ice Tea Burst. That probably is a finish option.
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