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  1. I live about a little over an hour away from Richmond and have never heard of her. Sampled a song and its not for me. May check out another.
  2. The stuff Phil is doing sounds really cool. I know he played a Firebird. My question is what did Eno really do in Roxy. Just dress up and look wild? Sometimes Brian's voice sounds like he puts his finger on his throat, and rubs it up and down for that vibrato sound. That gets on my nerves.
  3. It seems to be nasty stuff, but it said it hardens in a month. So are their different kinds. Martin and Gibson both use it.
  4. Terry Jones passed he was 77 and had a rare form of dementia. Loved Python. They were way ahead of their time.
  5. So with the new year I made 2 resolutions. One get my disgusting body on my rowing machine and shed some pounds, and the other listen to music I have never heard before. So far I have started listening to The Lumineers. And love their album III. I have also stared listening to The Decemberists and have bought a few of their albums and dig them. Ok, now for Roxy Music. I have Siren on vinyl and I have heard Avalon. I like Eno's first 4 solo albums but hate his voice. Some of his Ambient stuff is cool too, but I have never heard Roxy's first album, or anything other that what was stated above. I have all their stuff digitally from trading music with people. So I listened the first one an man it was damn cool. Love Virginia Plain. Dig the way the last words in the song is the only time you hear the title of the song then it just ends. Medley (The Bob) did not thrill me but the rest was cool. I tried listening to the second album, but after a few songs it did not wow me. I have heard Do The Strand. I guess I'm gonna try to listen to the second one again. So where should I go next? Suggestions?
  6. Those inlays on the AJ are tight.
  7. Now I know. Has paint changed in the last 60 years? I'll bet they answer is : yes as well.
  8. I thought Gibson uses Nitro. Is that considered lacquer? I'm an electrician not a car or guitar painter. Not sure what my Martins are finished with. Never had an issue with any thing on them. I leave my Snark and Kyser capo on the head stock of my 000-28 24/7 and it has never left a mark. I also keep my acoustics in Hercules A frame stands and once again never a mark.
  9. I have Sometime In New York City and Zappa released the whole performance unedited (cause John edited it for STINYC) on his album Playground Psychotics. Wished Yoko would have stayed in the bag. When she sings, Rev #9 sounds like a Mozart symphony compared to ever it is called she does. Its not singing I can tell you that. Saw Zappa 3 times. And I even listen to The Residents (if you know who they are) and saw them live on their 13th Anniversary Tour in San Francisco. Scum Bag
  10. Turn me on dead man. I did way to much weed when I was young and got into Zappa too. That should explain it.
  11. I love the Beatles and I'm not an encyclopedia of their entire career. If you think I memorize the guys middle names and birthdates and what John and Yoko had for lunch on Sept 12th, 1968, I don't. As far as my Dove question I asked if they were bigger than Martin dreads cause that is all I have ever owned except a Gibby J-15 and was curious about the size difference. And if the ones over in Japan are fake or real. And if you are refering to the cost of a new one, a new one does cost about 4 of my house payments. And once again the Fruit or Corn thing I have no idea again what you are inquiring about. I was recently told you are from Denmark and maybe something is getting lost in translation.
  12. That is a good idea why didn't I post that?
  13. I wanted to try some but I think they don't sell them in the US anymore, I could be wrong.
  14. I would look so good in that with Jennifer Aniston sitting next to me.
  15. That is the way to fix the stuff Gibson did to those. Looks sharp.
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