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  1. I'm sure if his guitars sounded like a-ss it would certainly be mentioned on the net somewhere.
  2. It always used to make me laugh when I was in the military and when out on liberty in foreign countries many of the guys and girls wanted to eat at McDonald's instead of the local restaurants. Your never gonna get better Japanese food that in oh lets say Japan.
  3. I think they have a war for drugs. Get in the Cartels way and you will surely pay the price. It slipped my mind I went to med school.
  4. They opened for the Allman Brothers when I saw them in 2009 or so. The Guitarist came out and played with ABB on one song.
  5. The Coast Guard took me there a few times and Acapulco too. And I have crossed the boarder at San Ysidro to TJ tons of times when I was in the Navy and Coast Guard when down in San Diego. I liked PV 10 fold over Acapulco. Its sad we can no longer go to a beautiful country like Mexico any more an feel safe on vacation. Now back to bashing me.
  6. Me too. I have no Ferrari or Porsche or Stripper girlfriends. But don't tell me (you didn't but its been said) if you can't afford a Gibson that Epi is an option. Yes it is, and so is a Yamaha or any other Chinese made ect ect guitar, but its not ever in the same universe. It's like comparing a Porsche to a Ford Pinto. Both will get you to work, but...
  7. I've been to Mexico about 10 times and never seen one. Best tacos I ever had were in Puerto Vallarta on the street.
  8. I have tix to see him in June. That will be time number 9 or 10 if it happens.
  9. I'm not coming after anyone. I think its lame that Gibson dumped that model that I know people liked at a decent price. But like I've been told. People who can't afford Gibsons can go buy Epi's, which is almost the same thing right. A taco from Taco Bell and and getting the real thing in Mexico are the same thing right?
  10. Next time I meet Jason I'll ask him for a plate of Supreme Nacho's. I met him the first time I saw him those days are over.
  11. Now just hold on a minute, JC has got a family to feed.
  12. That you would not want to hear. I'm a better listener than a player.
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