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  1. Getting ready for the next test in the tunnel. We were re-arranging the heat tape (the same stuff you use at home to keep your pipes warm in the winter) on a pipe in the tunnel that the guys with PH.d's shoot a laser down for some data they collect. And tonight I am going to be lazy and make French Bread Pizza for dinner.
  2. U2 sells albums too (The Joshua Tree sold 25 million copies), and I don't know why but they do. I guess their fans never get sick of hearing The Edge go jugga jugga jugga through 40 delays and processors. I would like world peace, but I would like most is for Bono to find what he is looking for so we don't ever have to hear em again.
  3. Was that at a soccer match or am I having an LSD flashback?
  4. Sad emoji's are the new poo emoji's, but it used to be in to use the rainbow unicorn emoji, and I don't think the mods would let us use the middle finger emoji. Is there a Bruce Jenner sex change emoji ( if there was it would be a cleaver chopping a hot dog in two)?
  5. In another 10 he'll get a Fender Strat.
  6. Where are The (Who) guys peeking through? Looks killer. You didn't want to spend $750 for Roger's signature?
  7. What clown keeps giving you the sad emoji?
  8. Some think the Black Dog riff was Pages, nope it was Mr. Jones.
  9. I think J P Jones played the mandolin on Going To California.
  10. Man that was a rock solid album. It was a one trick pony, but it was a good one trick. After that is came the 80's and Meat's career kind of just flat lined. Out Of Hell II or III or however many they recycled was unnecessary. But I can see where people do not get it, cause for some reason Green Day and U2 have careers. I guess as the song say 6 out of 50 million aint bad.
  11. Yes he is, but I think Barry Manilow too and Sisters Of Mercy. He was gonna be the producer of the Def Leppard - Hysteria album but it didn't work out. On a hot summer night Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?
  12. I have it on colored vinyl and have it on CD as well. Its rock, but has a little je ne sais quoi to it. It was produced by Todd R. Mr. Loaf also sang on Ted Nugent's Free For All album.
  13. Its worth what you are willing to let it go for and what someone is willing to give you, and a day latter that may change. But most look at what that year or close to it is going for on selling sites. That year should be from Memphis after 2019 all Gibson's are made in The Ville.
  14. Where is the Bill Nelson ES-345? Or Freddie King ES-345? Or the Steve Ford ES-345 Fed Ex Debacle Model? Oh wait that was a LP if I remember correctly. Marcus can play I will say that.
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