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  1. What's with the weird cutaway does it have a sound port. Congrats.
  2. Describing how a guitar sound is like describing how it fells to have sex. I am gonna go on record and say all my guitars sound like guitars. I have 4 and none sound the same in any way. 2 have the same body shape but that's it.
  3. Not sure, but I have been watching The Twilight Zone and just learned he played guitar in the original theme. It was on a Tele. If you put 11's on and they drag or you hear that ping when tuning them just hit each one with the appropriate size file for that slot. Don't dig in just widen. Loved those guitars. Alex Lifeson played one the first time I saw Rush on the Moving Pics Tour.
  4. Agreed. No 2 are exactly the same. You could make a guitar out of RW and from the same tree get a stunner or a dud.
  5. I've seen them in and outside. Went to 14 Dead shows and one Jerry show at the Warfield in SF. Nothing like the feeling of The Dead coming on stage then 20000 hippies all get up and start grooving. Bobby hated Tie Dye.
  6. Look I'm not trying to argue with you, just commenting on your statement. I think if I had a guitar that sounded like a pillow was it it. I would dump it. I owned a big old Maple Guild, and it did nothing for me.
  7. I'm not blowing anything out of context. The pillow comment was your statement not mine. I played a SJ-200 in Carters Vintage and at the price they wanted for it, the guitar stayed right on the rack. I played a Thompson D-18 clone right before and at 5k it was the best guitar I ever heard in my life, and at 5k it also stayed right there.
  8. Why would I want to play a guitar that sounds like I stuffed a pillow in it? My all hog D-15M sounds great and at that price for a USA made guitar its a steal, the 000-28 is a different beast and shorter scale, but when I pick up my D-41, its like entering another dimension, it just makes me smile. The 28 and 35 I owned were killer and would love to have both back, but a 41 is next level.
  9. Terrapin and Shakedown were a change. I love Estimated Prophet. Growing up in Cali and hearing it always makes me miss what I will always call home. Love Mars and Wake. Blues For Allah had a nice nugget or two, but is not to good. Beauty and Workingman's could have been their White Album if packaged together as a double. The first album is absolute trash. They are so hopped up on ups. Anthem and Aoxomoxa, never did much for me. A few concert staples on those. I remember after Touch Of Grey went big, all of a sudden there were really young pretty, clean, non smelly girls who shaved their pits at Dead shows, cause it was cool to say you went to see The Dead. Ever see the doc about them on a train going across Canada after Woodstock. Janis, The Band, Buddy Guy and others are in it. I saw it for the first time 2 years ago. Can't remember the name of it. I think the makers of the doc had financial problems and it was delayed a long time before being released.
  10. I absolutely love the 3 Giles Martin remixes. I think they are better than the originals. I remember hearing each one for the first time and almost jumping out of my seat at stuff I never knew was buried way down in the mix. Abbey Road was not as jarring as Pepper and The White Album. I've heard The White Album so many times I know every nuance of it. Me and my cousin used to listen to Rev. #9 over and over, each of listening sitting on front of the left speaker and then the right and then again to hear all the weird stuff that was going on and what they were saying. That was summer '79. I probably listened to The White Album 50 times last year. I have given it a break for a while, but its calling me again. I know everyone raves about mono and if you have originals they are more valuable. I have all the mono versions downloaded and they are a bit different in spots. Well if mono it is so good why is it not the standard anymore. Why do I want to have 2 speakers with the exact same thing coming out of both of them. Come on Giles. I hope you are doing a remix of Let It Be. Can't wait for the new doc. I saw the disaster that is the Let It Be Movie. Have not seen it since a the summer of '79.
  11. I'll bet. I've only seen pics of the Wall.
  12. If you look on line at a pic of JL's, yes it's like that.
  13. I just looked there are about 10 RW Gibsons in the current line up.
  14. I just looked at my Beatles Gear book too, and yep one screw.
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