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  1. If your job is to fix em and you fix em good then no I don't think you have to play. The coach of team many times did not play the sport they coach.
  2. That first song who the f-uk told Lemmy that sounded anywhere near good. A song that slow does not suit his voice. The second is almost any Motorhead song on any album. I like both bands but can only take them is small doses.
  3. Someone produced a Ramones album. Its like Motorhead, all you need is one.
  4. Moon Madness is a great album. Mirage, Rain Dances, I Can See My House From Here, and Snow Goose all pretty solid. Nude was a strange one.
  5. I listened to Where Do The Children Play? from the undated one with The Tillerman in a NASA Space Suit, and its now at night. I can say is I like the original better. The new one was kind of lifeless.
  6. That was gonna be the cover if the one with Paul with no shoes didn't work out.
  7. I helped a friend troubleshoot a noise in her guitar. It was a flourecent light upstairs. When off the guitar and amp were quiet.
  8. It may have been made in the Custom Shop, but it is not a CS guitar. My BB King, I think was made in the Custom Shop but back then it was a production guitar.
  9. A set up guitar is going to make it play better and be easier on your fingers. I say Yes to a set up.
  10. I had a '57 ES-225-TD. It would not stay in tune, the wrap around trapeze bridge thing was a nightmare, but was light as a feather. Fed back like a banshee. I used to live in Cali. Spent 30 years there.
  11. Love the Moody's. Seen em 3 times. Once with an orchestra. I think I have seen that other guitar player on YT videos.
  12. I volunteer to house sit for the one in black shorts.
  13. I have bought bodies and necks and all the hardware and put a guitar together, but from a chunk of wood to a guitar...Nope. I barley know where to put my fingers for an open A chord.
  14. The Grateful Dead were an in the moment band. The live show was the event. Their albums are just things that had to do due to having a contract with WB, then their own label and Arista. They only have a few studio albums I listen to and usually when I am listening to them its live stuff. I found a few shows I was at on YT. This was the second to last show on Saturday night I saw before I joined The Navy. I went the next night too, and the first night. This was probably my 10th show.
  15. Two different guys sing in the band. I know people love to hate Tramp. I started listening to them in '79.
  16. Went to a place called World Of Beers and got a Hefe and a pretzel made for Paul Bunyan. Pub Cheese and Stone Ground Mustard for dipping. My wife had a cider that is local to SC.
  17. Bought my wife her own mixer and it came the other day. Pizza night in a few days, as soon as her friend gets back from visiting her mom. Can you put a sticker on a mixer like a case? Its a 5qt-er.
  18. My D-41, D-18, 000-28 all have them. And I think the J12-16GT has Madagascar Ebony. Its got strippes.
  19. Make me a deal and make it straight.
  20. Not a huge buyer of CD's but if something interestong comes around I will get it. It has a DVD (with I think the night filmed is a different night than the songs that are original live album), and two CD with I guess from a whole concert from the 4 or 5 days of shows they did. 5 of the songs on the DVD has sound or film track issues, which are the bonus tracks.
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