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  1. What clown keeps giving you the sad emoji?
  2. Some think the Black Dog riff was Pages, nope it was Mr. Jones.
  3. I think J P Jones played the mandolin on Going To California.
  4. Man that was a rock solid album. It was a one trick pony, but it was a good one trick. After that is came the 80's and Meat's career kind of just flat lined. Out Of Hell II or III or however many they recycled was unnecessary. But I can see where people do not get it, cause for some reason Green Day and U2 have careers. I guess as the song say 6 out of 50 million aint bad.
  5. Yes he is, but I think Barry Manilow too and Sisters Of Mercy. He was gonna be the producer of the Def Leppard - Hysteria album but it didn't work out. On a hot summer night Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?
  6. I have it on colored vinyl and have it on CD as well. Its rock, but has a little je ne sais quoi to it. It was produced by Todd R. Mr. Loaf also sang on Ted Nugent's Free For All album.
  7. Its worth what you are willing to let it go for and what someone is willing to give you, and a day latter that may change. But most look at what that year or close to it is going for on selling sites. That year should be from Memphis after 2019 all Gibson's are made in The Ville.
  8. Where is the Bill Nelson ES-345? Or Freddie King ES-345? Or the Steve Ford ES-345 Fed Ex Debacle Model? Oh wait that was a LP if I remember correctly. Marcus can play I will say that.
  9. Who doesn't own a copy of Bat Out Of Hell? Just heard he passed away on the 19th. RIP
  10. How much will this be? Or is it old news? https://www.guitarworld.com/amp/news/gibson-releases-jimmy-page-double-neck
  11. Paul McCartney wrote a song on the White Album for you. They say it's your birthday We're gonna have a good time I'm glad it's your birthday Happy birthday to you
  12. You should never put a Taylor in your hands, it may send you running for the hills. The famous Taylor treble is supposed to be more tame with their new bracing system. Anything Martin 18 and below will be Hog back and sides. The 15 Series is all Hog including the top (I love all 3 I've owned, and one I gave away as a grad present and one I traded for a Tele). Martins 28, 35 (as you know) and all the 40 stuff is Rosewood back and sides with a Spruce top. I wouldn't suggest based on what you wrote to even go to the 40 series. A D-41 new is 4.7k and a D-45 new is 9.5k. The D-35 has 1/4 inch
  13. Is that gonna be in the driveway soon? Is the wife back in PA?
  14. I know its one that holds picks. I used to have one I got that Levy’s made. I was being a wise a-as.
  15. Martin doesn't have enough flightless birds etched into their pickguards.
  16. What bird dress does she have on today. I used to listen to her when she was in the Sugarcubes. Vespertine was not to bad.
  17. I need to take a group photo of the D-35, HD-28V and 00-18.
  18. I guess cause I just did. Are you not allowed to say bomb on a forum? When I lived in San Jose every Friday at 3pm or 5pm a radio station out of SF called KFOG 104.5 on your FM dial would play that and The Toyes - Smoke Two Joints. E. Shue is very easy on the eyes. How does Albert play with the strap like that?
  19. I love Canada and can't wait to go back. I have never said anything bad about Canada or its gov. I went to Vancouver on my Honeymoon. The best Calamari I ever had was at the microbrewery in Vancouver close to where the cruise ships pull in. I can't remember the name of it. They put thinly sliced jalapeno's in it that took it to the next level. My wife loves Poutine.
  20. Let's hear it for Dennis O'Bell. Well then I am allowed to voice mine, right, yet I take s-hit for it. Especially from you. I'm not a pompous rich arrogant rock star, maybe that is where my fault lies. I guess if I were people would pat me on the back and for the stuff that comes out of my mouth. I'm to stupid to make up my own mind and need Neil and Bruce tell me how to live. And Roger can shut his yap too. Go complain about your head of government (The Prime Minister) in the country you live in and shut up about America and Israel.
  21. He also said they are wonderful sounding. Yes Martin's Dreads are called Cannons for a reason, they are loud. But loud is not tone.
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