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  1. Alright I just checked and I guess I got all the people who wanted to share their e-mail with me did. And to answer 40 Years question, no I am not a closet J-45 fan. I'm not a fan of acoustics that sound like the body was built with wet cardboard. And this morning I bought on Reverb a use Martin 000-18. That' s how you leave the building. Later and remember to fight nice. Here is the link to Reverb. I can't copy and paste any of the pics from there and I paid less than the asking price. https://reverb.com/item/41885527-martin-standard-series-reimagined-000-18
  2. I think I am going to take 01GT eibach's lead and split from this seen as well. We both probably passed each other many times at shows in the Bay Area in the 80's and 90's and never knew it. You guys have heard me post about Zappa enough and if you don't listen or get him then that is your loss. I've been here since about 2013, or so under 3 or 4 names. I have learned all the important things like what strings to use, and that J-45's are about the only acoustic Gibson should make, and that the binding on my guitars will pop off, and that next week I will probably need a neck reset on all of my
  3. That’s sounds awful. I’d leave while you made it.
  4. Bill Cosby’s free.
  5. Ok then Gibson don’t make any more cause I guess I was wrong and I’ve been told I am an idiot for suggesting it. Can’t win with you guys. Go buy a SJ-200 and forget about the Noel model if you didn’t get one of the 5 they made.
  6. Stephen Stills does it on Suite Judy Blue Eyes. I can’t thumb wrap cause I got little girly hands.
  7. That’s the best guy can do who lives in a country with the a county the worlds best Army. I’m going to tell the future. I’m going to get another sad emoji.
  8. I'd sad emoji you but that is just well . . . sad.
  9. Yep. Martin does it to. The David Gilmour D-35. Has Dave's name on it and is made out of Sinker Hog instead of RW and its a fortune. Nope. Not today Satan. To me it is a new model. Maybe a D-34. I'll bet they sound killer, but its not a D-35 unless its RW back and side with a 3 piece back and 1/4 inch bracing.
  10. You have to be at least 3/4 nuts to be on this forum and endure the endless barrage of the same repetitive posts over and over.
  11. The word Taylor on the headstock was what gave it away . . . huh?
  12. Then they indeed got the guitar from the future and brought it back. You better snatch it up, as it may be a collectors item.
  13. The very last show they play they should have every member of KISS that is still alive come out and at least play one song from that era, and maybe pay them too. Would Gene play without getting paid that is a NOPE.
  14. Do the 150 and 200 have the same body depth and dimensions?
  15. What if I'm playing the card game Spades and I have the Trump card is that political?
  16. You gonna get one custom made? I am guessing you don't own one or you could measure it yourself?
  17. Looks like a my Gibson "The Paul" I used to own with killer wood. Very nice.
  18. Are you trying to purchase side dots to drill out a hole and install them? If so Stew Mac probably sell that stuff by the metric foot.
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