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  1. I'm hanging out in Alabama with my best friend and it's hot as a crotch down here. We've been in the pool, played some guitars later on eat some barbecue.
  2. That guy who played at Woodstock can sure make em sound good. What's his name...Carlos something or other.
  3. I'd have no issue looking like Sonny to be with Cher back before the plastic surgery years . She still looks good but its all fake.
  4. It was the first Gibson amp I've ever seen. I know people here ask about them and the owner is a great guy and usually has stuff at good prices if someone was looking for one.
  5. I got one of those nice rowing machines. My fat butt is gonna get on it in about 20 mins.
  6. I saw one of these today in a mom and pop shop I was in. I think it was $299. I tipped it back and didn't see any tubes, so it might be all solid state. I know nothing about Gibson amps. It was at a place called Winter Sound and Music in Gloucester, Virginia.
  7. Yeah. Not really. I think Weird Al did a parody of I think I'm a clone now.
  8. When a thread dies we post a picture of Bono.
  9. That was the whole idea of the Explorer, V, and Fird. Look futuristic.
  10. I absolutely do not, and don't know what gave you that impression. Its not a 45. At 8k if I came home with that I'm sure I would still be sleep on the couch. I know your high or higher end acoustic is not made to iconic specs.
  11. Saw them in 86 at Shoreline. Miss Cali. It was the huge reunion show.
  12. Of course you did. I thought you weren't going to post pics until they came. That's a nice looking axe
  13. Just like Big Bill said all you and 40 years do is leave the serenity of the acoustic side of the house when you want to start trouble. Well I'm not afraid of 2 faceless people on a forum. I have owned guitars from this company. Many in fact.
  14. I did once and it was trash. J-15. It was a 2014. I wanted to like it. But it was awful.
  15. Back at ya instigator. How many times you troll me?
  16. Why do you guys even bother posting vids of any guitar up against a Gibson? On this forum who's going to win? It does not matter if the Gibson sounds like a fart coming out of my @ss, the Gibson is going to win with you guys and girls.
  17. Why. We have enough s-hitty music out there no need to cover garage.
  18. The red one with the white pickguard and fretboard binding is Muy Bueno.
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