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  1. I heard Bobby is going into porn, and his new show is gonna be Beat Off Bobby Flay.
  2. What about Stray Cat Blues they are talking about having a three way with under age girls. I can see that you're fifteen years oldNo I don't want your I.D. You say you got a friend, that she's wilder than youWhy don't you bring her upstairs
  3. They better stop playing that one to its offensive to B-itch's every where.
  4. I don't but when I make Mac And Cheese I always eat hot dogs with it. And its gonna be Nathan's or Sabrett's
  5. I’ll go up against Bobby Flay and make my signature Kraft Mac And Cheese.
  6. So if (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction offends me should The Stones stop playing it? Anyone remember the lyrics to the song Some Girls.
  7. See we learn things here and not just about guitars. Now I know what passive aggressive means and the word obese too.
  8. Most of us here are in our 50's and 60's. I'm 55. And lucky I can even spell the word forum.
  9. Back in my day I had to walk to school up hill both ways in the snow, so you young whipper snappers don't know how good you got with these fancy new fangled electric ge-tars. When I was young all we got was a stick to play with. Blah Blah Blah you have been promoted to Senior All Wise Elder Of The Forum. I guess according to one of your posts, with all the smack I talked I'm glad I have the use of both of my legs. That luthier must be in the hospital with this legs in a truss.
  10. Yeah, Keith said they played that song every night since the album came out, and now The Bad Boys Of Rock And Roll cave in to not playing it due to the PC Police and Woke Generation on a 40 year old song. P-ussies. On a Stones note I saw them exactly 40 years ago to the day in SF. It was on the Keith doesn't want to be around Mick Tour.
  11. I had to go clean up after I saw that wall of Martin's.
  12. When Let It Be was delivered Friday, on the Amazon website it said "Your package was delivered. It was handed directly to a resident." Well it wasn't, it was just left on the door step. At least there was something in the package.
  13. I Wanna Be Your Man Maybe it wasn't a hit, but a single . . . but The Glimmer Twins didn't write it. Released Nov. 1st - 1963. "I Wanna Be Your Man" is a Lennon–McCartney-penned song recorded and released as a single by the Rolling Stones, and then recorded by the Beatles.
  14. From about 1963 to 1970 The Beatles lead and everyone else followed. Didn’t Paul and John write and give The Stones their first hit?
  15. Its like any artist still around with a career that long. Their best work (of course my opinion) is years if not decades behind them.
  16. I’m gonna get the 5cd + 1 blue ray for Xmas , along with a new vinyl copy. Giles has done a great job on all 4 he has remixed.
  17. Who did you come to ask then? Dude English and Math are hard. That is why I got a Liberal Arts degree. If you got all the answers go take care of it. We are all waiting on before and after pics.
  18. I held one in my hands and strummed it what facts do I need. It’s like hearing about how the car handles and actually test driving it.
  19. Um . . . this is a forum and if you post about something people will comment. It’s was a forum is. If you don’t want comments don’t post. 1 Small Claims Court 2 A lead pipe upside the guys forehead. 3 Or go back and tell him what you want and if he doesn’t fix it to your specs, go back to option 1 or 2.
  20. Then why are you on this forum sniveling about what happened and and asking us for opinions? Handle your business and don't ask us what you should do. Sorry you are dealing with cancer, but none of us on this forum F-ed up your guitar. You can be mad at me for what I say, but I didn't ruin your guitar.
  21. I told him he can cover the cost of repair OR he can buy the guitar from me and fix it himself. I doubt he will do the second one either.
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