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  1. The guy playing the D-28 just has some sort of tuner on his headstock. The other guy looks like its a D-18. I have owned both. The older guy's has black binding (its actually tortoise on a D-18) and the younger guy has white binding.
  2. I have been at work since 5pm yesterday and I'm off at 5am. Dipped a set of strings in liquid nitrogen and when I get home I'm gonna have a glass of bourbon and crash. When I get up I'm gonna change strings on my 000 and go to work again. Might only have to go in for a few hours, as something at work broke and we might be down to fix it and I will be off nights again till next week. This is getting old.
  3. The one I played was an Electromatic with a Bigsby. It had a double cutaway and was all hollow. It looked nice, but I was not impressed. I think it was made in China. It was 500 or so. The Sheraton sounded better to me. I played both through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe cause I owned one as was familiar with the knobs. I played one of those orange Brian Setzer's ones a few years back and it was made in Japan.
  4. I dipped another set tonight and I am going to put them on my 000-28 tomorrow. Here is a pic a few seconds after they came out of the LN2. I left these in there for about 5 minuets this time. http://
  5. I played some kind of hollow Gretsch the day I played the Sheraton. I liked the Epi better, but that said I went all acoustic a while back. My BB King was hands down the best electric I owned and I could still see the file marks on the neck. This is a guitar Gibson charged 5k for the last time they made it.
  6. If you got it from a reputable dealer in Dublin I would think its real. Gibson changes and doesn't do anything consistent even in the same year.
  7. Not that these thing can't be faked but does it have a orange Gibson sticker in the upper F hole. Did you check the serial number with Gibson themselves? Its an ES so taking the pots out is a chore with no control cavity cover, but like BBP said look at the pups. People can buy aftermarket parts and stuff on ebay and Reverb all day long now.
  8. Here is my take, Chinese or Indonesian made Texans are now $699 on Sweetwater. The new USA ones are priced at $2699. So now If I can do math correctly exactly 2k more just cause its gonna be made in the good old USA. A Casino Coupe $499. A Casino Archtop $649. A Sheraton II Pro $699. So a guitar selling for $699 which is going to be a profit for someone, cost exactly how much to make? Not sure what the mark up is? Anyone know? $100 bucks, 200 not sure? So if, and I am assuming it will, due to the price of the Texan (which is the only new USA made model I can see the price of on Sweetwater), most stuff is gonna go up I would say by 2k +. So why not just buy a USA made Gibby. They have to have an ES in the line up that is almost the same-ish, if not better. What is the thing people like about the Casino's? That the neck is more recessed into the body and it is a little but shorter for us tiny armed guys? Well with that you are losing some access to the upper frets. Gibson doesn't make the Casino or Sheraton and maybe getting a USA made one of those would be cool. I rarely touch electrics anymore and over the last holiday weekend on the way into the acoustic room I saw a Sheraton (never played one before and wanted to see what the hype was about) hanging on the wall. Played it and it was okay. I owned a Gibby BB King and ES-335 and could see and tell the difference in build quality form that to the ones I owned.
  9. I read the OP again. It looks like he got it in within the one year period. I thought since he said it was a new 2018 the 1 year warranty would be up since its now 2020. I guess now Gibson Europe is evaluating it.
  10. Gibson Acoustics are made in Bozeman Montana. Gibson had a plant in Memphis and it closed in 2019. All eclectics are now made in Nashville. When the Memphis and Nashville plants were running both made different models. One solid one the hollow stuff. Gibson used to be in Kalamazoo but that is long gone and the employees that stayed took over the guitar making equipment and started the Heritage Guitar Company. They make lots of models of everything. There used to be about over 100 different Les Paul's on the web site, but they trimmed down. There are more experts than me on this site who can go into greater detail.
  11. I saw him in 2005 and 2006. I can't remember what he played those nights. But here is a clip form 2018 and he's playing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJefoVaIRVU
  12. I get up at 5:45, shake the dew, brush my fangs, throw on clothes and get out of the house. Have to be in my seat at 6:45 for our daily morning meeting. Guitar's come when I get home form the grind. Hopefully only a year or two left and when we can sell the house we're outta VA and off the SC. I wont even look back to flip VA off. Haven't touched the 000 in two days. I'll give it a go tonight. The strings just got changed on the 12er on Sunday, and are not going out of tune anymore. So far the strings on the D-41 I dipped in liquid nitrogen still sound good.
  13. He played it every time I saw him live. I just listened to R & L Thompson - Shoot Out The Lights last night.
  14. Lindy's stuff is tight. I installed many a Lindy pup after ripping out the stock stuff.
  15. Anything by that guy. Saw him 3 times. He is beyond good.
  16. Get it now if you can afford it. I just sold a D-35, D-28 and D-18 to get a D-41. No regrets. All were guitars I would buy again in half a heartbeat, but the D-41 is super pimpin. Kinkda like a D-45 but 5k less.
  17. Man you just can do much better.
  18. We buried the hatchet and made nice. It sucks when a guitar gets jacked up and the warranty is not worth the paper its written on.
  19. Damn you scored. I would keep it. Every bass player need a guitar just like every guitarist needs a bass. I play guitar but own one bass. You got a nice axe there.
  20. He was one of those angry kind of new wavers like Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson when they started out.
  21. These guys got cheesy but their first few album were great.
  22. Don't bother with the local girls. Don't bother with them, they don't bother me. Love that album.
  23. I saw Mac's other band Portastatic a few times at the Cat's Cradle open for Guided By Voices and Robert Pollard. I've got some Superchunk on cd. No Pocky For Kitty is killer.
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