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  1. Now he said he found the receipt and it says $2800. Well back in 2016 they sold for $2250, and how do I know. I called the owner of a shop I go to who is an authorized dealer and he looked back in his records to 2016 and looked at what he sold one for. And right now new they are $2499. You want $3200. I'll bet you do, but you wont get it and I wont pay it. Dude you were what's called ripped off by a guitar store. It happens. I guess he thought he was dealing with a guy who knows nothing about Martins.
  2. I just get all Neanderthal with a roller and make it flat.
  3. It took many attempts when I first stared to figure out how to make good dough. I got it down now and if any of you make your own, Ricotta on a pizza takes it to the next level. That is what those big white blobs are in the second photo of the pizza's.
  4. I wound not go down by the numbered streets of NN, down by the shipyard with out my 9mm. You may not make it back.
  5. I still can't made a pizza round to save my life. We made 3 more I just forgot to take pics. Well I guess those pizza's didn't happen.
  6. Everyone loves a New Guitar Day.
  7. Now this jizzlobber is getting back to me and asking what I'll pay for it. He initially wanted $3200. I don't think he is gonna like my message that back in 2016 when he got the guitar they went for around $2300, so I will pay less than that. I doubt he wants to take a $1000 hit if he indeed did pay anywhere near that much back them. I just suspect he thinks I am a fool who has never owed or bought or sold a CFM before. He also asked me what I paid for my 000-28. Um, dude I'm looking at your 000-18 they are different and 28's are more, so its not relevant.
  8. John rolled over in his grave a little bit that day.
  9. I hope she took her teeth out and did you recline There ain't nothin' left to talk about
  10. Gono-co-co-coccus! I sure hope she got that back stage pass after all that lip and tongue work she did for the boys in the crew.
  11. Gibson Glass. Wow that is a first here. Yeah this is guitar enthusiasts and stuff.
  12. Sure, I have no problem giving you $700 more than a new one and pay $150 to ship it too, and get no warranty. I was born yesterday by the way, but just over 54 years and 95 days ago yesterday. Your dumb a-ss paid to much for it and you most likely wont sell it for that. But good on ya for trying.
  13. Who are you asking? This is a Gibson guitar forum, owned by Gibson , but it is not their customer service desk.
  14. Here is another example I just ran into. I was looking at 000-18's on Reverb. One guy is selling a used one that is only a year or so old. It is a standard model and he wants $700 more than what I could buy a new one for at any guitar store with a warranty. I messaged him and asked why so much for it. He told me he paid more for it and wanted to get what he paid for it back. It doesn't work that way. Used is used no matter if its mint or not. That is your problem you got taken for a ride not mine. The second you drive your car off the lot the value already went down. Its not vintage and that is different.
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