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  1. Yes that is correct. The bridge was replaced about 15 yrs ago. No sign whatsoever of red pencil...
  2. Hello. I have been away so sorry for the slow reply. Here are a few pics. It won't let me load anymore onto this thread so please pm me if you would like more.
  3. Yep I guess that makes sense. The only thing I ever had to do on my watch(20 yrs)was repair a blown brace that was pulling up the top, and the guys at the Guitar Emporium in Cambridge did it. The tuning pegs have ben changed and I don't think the bridge is oreginal. Same frets though. The thing is a pleasure
  4. Ok Thanks for that. Mine is a bit more banged up than that one, but not as bad as the other one on the site. Is it worth trying to restore it a bit or best not to touch?
  5. Thanks for your reply. Sorry for the slow response... been a hectic holiday. I will work on getting something up online or posting it here. FYI I live France. Any ideas of where I might go more locally here in Europe? Prob doesn't really matter but I would have thought shipping it is a bit risky.
  6. FON # 2694. Any approximate ideas of what this might be worth?
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