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  1. Hi! This Gibson Es 295 1992 vintage sunburst has been mine for about 14 years. It is from the Scotty Moore 1992 reissue run, but as you know, all of them were gold tops. I was told that this was a special order, and the ONLY vintage sunburst from that 1992 run in existence. Anyone seen another, or have any additional info about this? I bought it from the US. Thanx!
  2. What color is my 1980 Custom? Never seen it anywhere. Oxblood and wine red are options, but all of the ones I have seen has had a "see-through" look where you can see the wood clearly. There in none of that here, the paint is much, much thicker. Had a fire engine red once where the paint was just as thick, but that is also not the color here. Anyone? Thanx.
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