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  1. Thanks for the replies! I used copper tape on the inside of the plastic covers and earthed it to the guitar. This helped with the static on these parts. It seems like the finish is the problem and Im hesitant on using anything on it as it is a 2000 dollar guitar, and I dont want to ruin it. (I can't wrap the whole guitar in copper tape, haha). I think there's three options: 1. Live with it, use dryer sheets and hope it gets better with age. 2. Re-do the finish competly on the back of the body with a good paint . Do the job Gibson can't... 3. Sell it and bu
  2. Hi! Thanks for the superfast answer. I tried something similar to dryer sheets, and it WORKED! Thank you! It's not that much of a cold winter in my country now with constant rain and 5+ Celsius. So I don't think the humidity is that big of an issue. My next question would be: Is there a long-term fix to this? As I kept on playing this evening, I kind of "wiped" the antistatic solution off the guitar, and the problem occurred once again. After a second "deep-dive" into youtube and google, it seems like this has been an issue as far back as 2011. Is there an
  3. Hi! It's my first post on this forum after completing google, searching for my issue. I bought the Les Paul Deluxe Player 2018 Satin Vintage Sunburst with mini-humbuckers last year and it's an awesome guitar. Last week I encountered some weird static noise during a gig when I moved around on stage. When I rubbed the guitar against my body (walking) or when I touch the back of the body (more noticeably when I brush my hand across the plastic cover for the volume and tone controls) I get this weird static/scratchy noise. The static sounds like a broken cable crackling, but I've test
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