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  1. Anybody done a real run down on these two units? I prefer as warm and deep tone as I can get. I’m a singer and don’t like heavy attack or heavy mids. Curious as to your experiences. This will go into my 2014 Songwriter Studio. Thanks.
  2. Great Holiday inputs. Thanks for sharing guys! My kid has been in his room a few hours now with a Beatles book Santa brought. He came out just now and said “Dad, my fingers really hurt.” ”Son, if it feels like you’re squeezing too hard...it means you probably are!” Time for Ham! KKV
  3. Shout it out. Who remembers their first guitar? Mine was a powder blue Ibanez Strat that my mom had on lay away for months. Like an idiot I traded it for another in middle school. One of many questionable decisions from my youth! I hope my son holds onto this one. Merry Christmas to all.
  4. Tech has it and working on it. We shall see. I’ve got the bug now so I think even with a reasonable repair I’m still itchy for a Gibson to acquire. The 2005 Songwriter Deluxe is very clean and I’m staring at it. Any thoughts on age of wood for a 15 year old guitar versus something newer? They do mellow with time yes? Appreciate the input. Happy Holidays all.
  5. It was explained to me that the neck has developed a twist. High E and B strings between frets 7 and 10 do not ring clean and are making contact with the frets in front and behind. ( if that makes sense.). The repair would be a full neck removal and because Guilds are tanks as you suggest it would be a gnarly effort with no guarantee for a perfect outcome. In the interim I am having the saddle replaced with hopes for more clearance to buy some time.
  6. Good input. Thank you. Anyone else? More is more.
  7. Hi All. I mostly play acoustic of late, but started my Gibson relationship with a Les Paul Custom made in 1981. Heavy beast, but I love it. Have spent the last several years playing more acoustic in church settings and local venues. I'm also a vocalist and a strummer and not much of a picker. My Guild of 20 years has a neck issue and I'm not sure the cost of repair (and no guarantee of repair) is worth it. I'm up to date on the Gibson journey from Guitar Maker to "Lifestyle Audio Company" and whatever other roads they tried to find. I'm down with Ren Ferguson's legacy and what
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