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  1. I ended up eventually getting an electric guitar and it was not the Gibson Les Paul but rather I went ahead with the Fender Stratocaster Performer series. I was at the store today and tried both the LP and the Strat for hours together and found the Strat more comfortable to play for my needs and hence this decision!
  2. I'm pretty much fixed on the Studio now. I will try them out in the next few days at a store probably! Now comes the choice of the color. Which color for the Studio would look good given that it is going to stay with me for years together. I'm considering either the Tangerine burst (TB) or the Smokehouse burst (TB). Which among these 2 colors look good even after several years? I would personally prefer a Sunburst eyes closed, but there is no Studio model for 2020 in a Sunburst, so I had to stick either with the TB or SB. So which one guys and why? Would love to hear your thoughts!
  3. Well if I can't afford it, I will perhaps save some money over the time so that I can afford it. When I started with the guitar, I have seen tons and tons of advice to get a cheaper guitar but after playing with them for quite some time, I realised that it was not at all worth it. You will outgrow it very quickly. Now coming to the Gibson LP's, I just want to be doubly sure that I get the correct LP variant so that I can stick with it for decades, provided that it holds its quality which I hope an American made Gibson LP will! Thanks for your detailed post! I'm just leaning more towards the Studio version as that would be something that I could afford for now and that is exactly my budget!
  4. Thanks for breaking this down. So looking at the specs., I would prefer to stay in the Studio variant as it is pretty much what I want to spend and also looks like mostly it is a cosmetic difference with the higher end models (Tradition & Standard), though it looks like it does make a difference. But nevertheless for my style of playing and the budget I have, I will perhaps try out the Studio variant in the next couple of weeks and pull the trigger when offers are running! By the way, does Gibson change the Spec every year on their LP variants? Is the LP Studio 2019 the same as it was the previous years?
  5. I have been playing on and off with my Ibanez GSA 60 with a very small Marshall amplifier. I used it to get used to playing chords, chord changes, strumming patterns and a very few songs. I recently for a Yamaha THR 10 V2 amplifier so that I can use it to play songs with some jamming sessions from my mobile phone. Since I'm new to this THR amplifier from Yamaha, I tried to follow some settings that I got from some Youtube videos hoping that I can get the same sound out my my Ibanez, but it was not. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or is my guitar not capable of! But nevertheless, I have been contemplating now to get a better serious guitar that sounds good and is of a better quality tone wise. I have listened to a few videos on Gibson LP and I'm interested in trying them out, but just like any other beginner into the LP's, I'm confused as to which ones I should be looking into? My understanding is that there is the Studio, Classic, Traditional and Standard though I'm not sure what the exact differences are between these variants. I would mostly be playing blues and jazz kind of music and the goal is definitely not get into playing with any band, but just be able to play a few songs and jam along. Could anyone please run me through the LP variants and suggest me where I should start. There is no hurry for me to get this one asap, but since I will be spending more on a LP, I want to make a conscious decision, spend lots of time trying out different variants and with the suggestion from the forum, get the right one that I can keep and play for long. What I would be very much interested to know between the LP variants is: Are the differences between the variants is just in the cosmetics like flame top, binding, gloss finish etc? This one here for example., looks like a bargain, but what I do not understand is that if it is a Studio or yet another totally new variant? https://www.thomann.de/de/gibson_lp_studio_tribute_2019_sit.htm?utm_source=idealo&utm_medium=psm&utm_campaign=idealode&offid=1&affid=229&subid=idealode
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