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  1. When I changed to Martin Tony Rice Monels and added a bone saddle to replace the Tusq saddle that gave it a better sound to my ear than this video clip . Which is done with original strings and saddle. It seemed like this model was just asking for a little heavier string . The Tony Rice Monels are a little lighter than mediums but really gave it more punch. The bone saddle brought the low end out a little more and gave the high end better balance. I really like this walnut back and sides after playing the HD 28 for 15 years it's really a change.
  2. I've had the Hummingbird Sustainable for a month now. Never played a Sitka top and walnut back and side dread ever. I wasn't sure what to expect. This Gibson has a real dry woody sound probably due to the sparse finish and the projection and volume are as good or maybe better than my HD28. I flatpick and play Carter style bluegrass and Gospel music. The Bird Sustainable just fits this perfect. I never have made any adjustments in the month I've had this Gibson action was perfect even when I went to Tony Rice Martin Monels which by the way seem made for this.
  3. I've tried my Apple iPhone 6 to upload photo's my Verizon android phone camera and my iPad camera and photo's . All 3 said my pictures are too large and exceeds the limit of photo size. I have not used photobucket in years and heard you have to pay for it now. Anyone have advice on what to do I'm out of camera options.
  4. E I've played in a bluegrass band for sometime.. one you need the ability to cut threw the banjo so volume. If your flat picking or doing runs you want good note articulation. With no amps projection.volume are important. I always liked a strong bass to but that is up to the player. I guess that's why Martins are seen a lot at bluegrass events. I've seen Sierra Hull pick the heck out of a Eastman E10D. In her hands it could've been a pre war Martin dread the way it sounded. I've been to a few bluegrass jams in Virginia and anymore along with Martins and Collings you see more Gibson and even a few Taylors.
  5. It comes down to what you like really. Not what the standard for say like bluegrass is a vintage Martin. For you older members you have heard of DR. Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountian boys. One of the guitarists plays a ooo model. Not what you'd think he'd be playing. I owned a J45 for years and used it for bluegrass along with my HD28. I plan on using my Hummingbird at times in the bluegrass band I play with. If I like it and it sounds good I'd use it.
  6. They sure can I pick bluegrass with the new Hummingbird I use Monel Tony Rice strings and it sounds great. The HD28 is well played in which makes a big difference. The Bird will get there. You can do whatever you want with a J45. As far as complimenting one an other The the HD28 and Bird are so different in how they sound . They make a great pair.
  7. Nothing like a well played in HD28 I've had mine for 15 years. I've also owned a D18 and a D28. I do own a new model Hummingbird. I like that also it's a different sound . If I had to choose one it would be a HD28. I'm just glad I have both.
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