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  1. mmukav

    G-45 tuners

    I went with ALD323's idea and replaced the tuner buttons. I like it. Still may go with the Kluson Vintage Keystones sometime in the future.
  2. @Stg. 🌶-Oh my, forgive my math skills. OK, how about $219.92, for a grand total of $2968.92.-----sheesh. And actually, there's your $3000, almost... I'm done with this thread. Too squirrelly for me.....
  3. @slimt--Gibson j45 standard--$2,749.00. $2800 with tax. Close enough to $3000 for me.....
  4. Wow, rough crowd 'round here. I bought one (G-45 Standard) and it sounds pretty good to me. Walnut does have a different voice than rosewood, mahogany, maple, sepele, koa, etc., etc. But one man's wine is another's bourbon, no? And aren't modern, socially responsible companies supposed to be all about sustainability these days? Thus the walnut. No, this is not a $3000 j45 Standard and doesn't sound like one. It's not supposed to. And is there something wrong with a company producing products with a wide range of prices to attract more customers? And really "I will put the girl up first". ???????
  5. Sounds great! Never heard that tune, really like it. The j45 sounds nice!
  6. mmukav

    G-45 tuners

    @ALD323---hmmm........interesting. @j45nick--thanks. I'll see what Elderly has to say.
  7. mmukav

    G-45 tuners

    @62burst--yes, they're the mini grovers. I love the guitar and am going to keep it, but every time I look at it I see those metal keys and cringe. I just feel the vintage look would be much nicer. And as far as contacting Elderly? I emailed them right before I saw your comment!! I'll let you know how they respond. I know I'll need to drill new screw holes, but I'd rather not have to ream the shaft holes.
  8. Hi all, and Happy New Year! New member here. Just picked up a new Gibson G-45. So far, really like it. But I'd like to change the tuners for a more vintage look. Something like the green key vintage tuners. Has anyone switched out theirs? On a G-45 or J-45? Much difference between the two as far as tuners? What have you changed over to? Any problems? Thanks.....
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