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  1. If this thread is still alive, I have one of these, dating from around 1930. I bought it from a pawn shop near Cedar Falls, Iowa in the 1970s - I believe it was $75. Brought it back to Britain and have it still. I trained in Classical guitar but loved doing Rev Gary Davis instrumental knock-offs on it. Later the bridge detached and was evidently a replacement as the peg holes had very slightly different spacing. A friend in Iowa sent me a suitably sized plain piece of rosewood drilled to the exact specs of the original bridge - a project but perfectly possible. The guitar has a lovely characteristic open sound with that large sound-hole that's pretty much unique to these. It has a 12 fret fingerboard at the body. Someone in a US company selling one of these, thought the 12 frets very unusual. I don't know. It has the Gibson name in script - not 'The Gibson' there is no purfling around the back, just the front in white on the black body and a white pick-guard. Tuners are black and original as is the button. Bridge-pegs look like ivory. Am not planning on selling it.
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