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  1. He didn't mention replacing the fretboard. Could have happened before he bought in the mid-50s. No other parts. I have his '59 (I think it was '59) Byrdland too. I'm keeping that baby as it was his main guitar since the mid-60s. 🙂 My kids have my dad's others. All of my uncle's stuff was auctioned off by his sons. He was an amazing luthier, but no way to get anything anymore. 😢 You can hear the Byrdland here, but not much. My uncle (the bassist in my dad's band) always cranked it. That is my dad's horn section along with a few pieces of Ike Turner's. My dad and he were friends and hung out a lot together back in the day. Mom is singing.
  2. Thanks! I appreciate your feedback. Are there specific auction sites, or just eBay type of thing. ~ V2
  3. My Uncle (who was a stellar luthier here in our area) has had my dad's '49 L7 (label shows serial number A-2746) for quite some time to refinish it. Back in February of 2019 he passed away. Two months later my dad passed away as well. I now have the guitar and have NO idea what to do with it. I hate for it to just sit in my house for ever (I have plenty of guitars already) as it seems pretty cool. No hardware, unfinished at this point. I thought before I started calling around to have it refinished to find if it is even worth it.
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