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  1. Hi, Thanks for the welcome. I know what you said is very true. I’m just here to get what input others may have on various products. As far as the cranky ones I just don’t have time for them. Thanks, jayguitar
  2. I agree with you on 16 year olds these days, LOL . I haven’t met any here so far and hope I don’t. jayguitar
  3. The Blueshawk is a fine guitar. I want to get one. I’m thinning out my Gretsch collection so maybe I will get one. As far as a bridge pickup. Maybe a Seymour Duncan? jayguitar.
  4. Yes it is L shaped but it isn’t unstable. The dirty fingers pickup is very cool. jayguitar
  5. I am enjoying this site. Though I do belong to other sites I have noticed attitudes much different than when I first joined them. Anyway, thanks for making me feel at home. jayguitar
  6. Despite the screaming they performed very well.
  7. I bought an N-225 online and I don’t like it. It is really ugly. It is faded cherry. I promptly put it on consignment in a local music store it is still there. I bought it new with hard shell case. If anyone wants one point them my way jayguitar
  8. Hi, That’s a nice guitar. A picture is worth a thousand words. jayguitar
  9. Thanks for the Welcome! I sure appreciate it. I own several Gibsons and I love them all. My favorite is my ES 335. It is a beauty. Tomorrow I am going to get an SG Special faded cherry. I’m looking forward to it. I’m doing a trade for it. I’m trading one of my Gretsch guitars for it. What Gibson is your favorite? jayguitar
  10. Hi, I am new here too. I just want to say that your guitar sure looks great. I don’t have a Les Paul but I had one years ago. I have an ES 335, ES 339, SG Special, Les Paul Melody Maker and an old Melody Maker. I enjoy all of them. I have other guitars as well, I am 71 years old and I have accumulated a lot of guitars through the years. I just wanted to say hi and compliment you on your guitar. Jayguitar
  11. Hi ! I’m an old man. 71 years old with the mind of a 30 year old. Lol !!! In my youth I was on the road for 18 years and Gibson was there with me. I own several Gibsons and I still enjoy songwriting and recording. jayguitar
  12. My favorite was Sgt Pepper. But I enjoyed and owned all of their albums. I’m 71 and grew up in rock and roll. In August of 1965 I saw them perform at the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. They were great! jayguitar
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