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  1. Good morning. I just got one delivered from Sweetwater Sound. Miscellaneous literature, inspection card and allen key for neck adjustment. Thats it! Hope you’re enjoying it. B.T.
  2. Always loved the cream strat!! Very nice! Fyi - I had a blond strat I bought new in 1975 until just a few years ago. Hated to part with it but figured better for someone to use it rather than waste away in my closet. Transitioned to a Gibson ES 137 Custom hollow body about 10 years ago and the strat didn’t get much use anymore! Enjoy!! Thanks for doing your part to help the economy!
  3. B.T.


    Ironic isn't it.... I haven't played a steady gig in years other than helping out at church regularly. When this whole lockdown thing started in Florida, I decided to play some music on Friday evenings from the beach walkway toward the back balconies of the condo's where I work. Tomorrow night will be week 5 and you can't imagine the response! Flashlights waving from the balconies - folks greeting each other, waving across the complex at one another, a few on the lawns and on the main pool deck - all distanced of course! The coolest part isn't the music (although I like to humor myself that it is!) it's a text I got from one resident that is health challenged and alone. She wrote and told me that while the music was "beautiful" (she was being gratuitous!) it was more about hearing another voice and seeing other folks, neighbors and friends and knowing she wasn't alone. Also I have gained a thorough understanding of the difference between "captivating an audience" and a "captive audience"! Keep the faith! Thanks for the post Murph!
  4. Great use of your time Unc! Too many folks sitting around with nothing to do and no imagination! Thanks for the post!
  5. Good thread Rabs and everyone. I’m really seeing how important community and family is. I have a number of health challenged older folks in the condos I manage. Frankly I love em all and it really pains me to see them holed up and scared. Missing their families out of state and no way to get together. Scared to even go get groceries. We’re doing what we can to let them know we care. Phone calls, take a few extra minutes to talk to them - from a distance, text message and check on them. We set up and played sunset concerts the last two Friday nights - told them to stay on their balconies and participate. Unbelievable response. Didn’t do anything that special but you’d have thought we were the best venue they’d ever heard! Their appreciation is overwhelming. We were afraid they’d probably get bored - just my wife and I singing with an acoustic guitar - I don’t dare bring any additional musicians things being what they are - but to my astonishment they are practically insisting we continue. Folks are just plain hungry for something encouraging. We are praying that the Good Lord will protect them all and slow this horrible pandemic real soon. Keep the faith - do whatever you can to brighten someone’s day!
  6. This is a great topic! Excellent discussion. I’ve been writing for years and seldom liked the finished project. Last summer something just happened and I can’t get enough! Most of my songs show up during the early morning hours in some form - usually a few phrases and a piece of melody. Some develop in a few hours some never do. I wish there was a way to harness the technique but I cannot begin to figure it out. One of the songs I’ve written that I enjoy the most started as a little guitar riff but most are born of an interest or experience. I have no illusions about the quality of my material but it sure is enjoyable to see it develop. Even if I don’t think my stuff is that good - how many musicians do you know that even try to be creative? I suspect the majority just cover everyone else’s material. I have several friends that are great musicians - definitely my superiors - but have never even attempted to write a song. When you think about it - it’s a pretty cool creative element. Just a few ramblin’ thoughts.... Looking forward to more of your thoughts on how it works! Stay safe!
  7. Good man Rabs. We need good news and that kind of inspiration right now! Thanks for sharing that!
  8. The coconuts. I’d have sworn there were horses.....
  9. My wife and I manage a condo complex on an island in south Florida. Been dealing with the potential of this for several weeks. We have several elderly - health compromised owners in residence and I have no choice but to interact with them periodically. Our board of directors is very concerned about our health and is notifying the residents that our availability to them will be very restricted, but that goes against my grain. I have had to proactively think through everything from staff and resident contact protocol to how to maintain security in the unlikely event a number of our guard staff become ill. Compound this with the inability to procure sanitation supplies due to the ridiculous amount of panic hoarding of everything from toilet paper to bread. Thank you hyperventilating media.... We bought a reasonable amount of extra disinfecting wipes and sanitation supplies a few weeks back, but shame on me for not anticipating the total overreaction and hoarding that is taking place. Not going to last much longer. Hopefully the manufacturers and suppliers are gearing up to take advantage of the frenzied / stupidity. I suppose we will have to tolerate some limited price gouging. We own a house off site and are provided an apartment on site so we have decided to limit our ventures into the social arena, stay at the apartment and try to stay well so we are available to help any that might need it, hopefully limiting the possibility of exposing them. Sounds all noble and selfless, well... not entirely.... in reality this is a great place to hole up! Private gulf beach, olympic size swimming pool, several hot tubs and the residents are great! I'm sure we can endure somehow! If by some miracle we all stay well, I might even get some extra guitar time, do a bit of writing and perhaps even relax.... I don't mean to sound flippant. This is a serious situation and we are praying for it to subside quickly. Stay safe everyone!
  10. Fantastic! Wish I could do even a fraction of that! Thanks!
  11. My wife plays keys and is a great vocalist - that’s actually how we got connected oh so many years ago! She also played ukulele. She has said for years she’d like to learn guitar but she’d try to play mine and they are just too big for her. Last Christmas I got her a Taylor GS mini which seems well suited and she’s finally working at it. Admittedly it’s a bit frustrating to her because she knows where she wants to go but the speed just isn’t there yet! She’s determined - I just give her a few pointers than get out of the way!
  12. Played for about an hour and a half this evening. Great way to wind out the day! Playing the guitar, harmonica, singing and watching a gorgeous sunset over the gulf!! Not a soul listening! Just got done looking at the news - Disney and Universal studios shutting down along with most of the local venues - likely into next month. We are at the peak of tourist season here in south Florida and with everything closing up it's going to get real interesting. You think it's really necessary?
  13. Hi Disandra, I have a 2016 Songwriter Cutaway with the Fishman Prefix Plus T system. I have not experienced the issue that you are having, however my preamp unit is loose between the bezel and preamp and has developed a harmonic vibration that is extraordinarily annoying. Unplugged it's an irritating buzz, plugged in it is picked up through the preamp and broadcast through my PA system. I found that a small strip of fabric inserted between the bezel and preamp provides a buffer between the bezel and preamp and generally eliminates the problem. The reason I mention this is that I have been in touch with Fishman directly and they were very responsive and willing to provide me assistance if and when I decide to take the unit apart and send it back for checkup and repairs. I contacted them directly via their website. In my case - I am very partial to this guitar and am unwilling to take the preamp out and have the guitar rendered somewhat useless while I am awaiting the repair so when I get the chance I plan to order all the parts to completely replace it. This way I can do it myself and have control over the process. The point being - I would encourage you to contact Fishman. They seemed to be very eager to assist. Perhaps they may even have a local shop where you can have it checked. Good luck - I'd be interested to see how you resolve the problem. B.T.
  14. Sweet! You got that guitar talkin’ Really enjoy that style music. B.T.
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