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  1. I want to upgrade my Casino with a long nickel trapeze tailpiece like the Lennon Casino. This upgrade is nice, the Casino feels more consistant . Do you have a link? Thank you.
  2. New Epiphone Limited Edition
  3. Those guitars are fake Gibson, made in china Chibson.
  4. Legit Gibson Les Paul, aftermarket trussrod cover, black Grover tuners .
  5. The SG is a light guitar, with the GForce there was neck dive issue. The KLUSON Revolution are perfect, light weight and modern technology, smooth tuning, stability.
  6. Knobs in the hardware section are standard ones.
  7. Look at the picture, stock knobs look sanded on the top, I want smooth reflector top knobs like this :
  8. Do you know where I can order Custom shop knobs? I mean with a soft reflector top. On the right stock knobs.
  9. A Creamtone pickguard and a Gibson ABR-1 bridge it' s perfect . You can use those Faber adapters : 7mm ==> 6/32'' https://www.faberguitar.com/iNsert-ING-Faber-iNsert-Nashville-to-59-ABR-converter-studs-7mm-6-32inch-Steel-nickel-plated-glossy
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