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  1. You got a good deal a couple years ago? You decide on this a long time. Aquaintance a professional musician sells to you and you build guitars. Maybe troll this at the ES forum in 9 more years
  2. You find the 1946 Gibson LG2 of your grandmather in a shop with knives on display case with prices? Very unusual
  3. Derivative sound. The There goes Angela song has melody parts similar to I wont Back Down. there is a reason it was not on a album But I am a Tom Petty fan
  4. This is true. Loud is specific to each person and the sj200 is of a very even EQ with no bad imbalance. Hearing Aid for people makes more loud with boost to each end of the spectrum of frequency. Harsh noise perceived more loud than sounds of even balance.
  5. Yes. This make sense when reading the article on wikipedia for Acoustic guitar. read Acoustic Properties parte https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acoustic_guitar depend on the size of the box chamber acts like helmholtz resonator. Cavity air vibrations couple to the outside aire through the soundhole. How unfortunate this forum has profesor of sound to give good explanation but only wants to show pictures of all the guitars he has.
  6. Your other post shows it is possible to buy for half of new and at this moment there are 6 SJ200 guitar for sale on American ebay for average of 3800 USD.
  7. When we all have the same ears then we can have the same definite opinion I like the fossilized mammoth harvested under the full moon left tusk only wade yourself to it
  8. ¡Much unholy and unsanctioned! Maybe equal to the having of website devoted to The Artist Known As where the Artist gets nothing but it admits to the use of the bootlegs, saying All tablature material is the creation and own interpretation of its respective author working closely from the tapes, bootlegs of the songs and video reels of live performances for the utmost accuracy in terms of transcription.
  9. and ultimately I acquired all three. And I proved (to myself but everyone who plays them agrees) I had all three. Things a hoarder says Nobody needs all three I just don't want anyone else to have them
  10. Big Mama told him stop playing the guitars
  11. Why this luthier post repair video? The neck heel becomes broken. Quick repaire for a Pro? No electronics and many pros will have another guitar for emergency, or borrow a guitar. Spend the time to make a neck heel repair invisible.
  12. Jaja. The most J45 sound I ever hear from Guns and Roses is from the acoustics on Patience. But no Gibsons to find here. It was only a tuned down sound of many Guild guitars
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