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  1. Points for daring to comment on the emperor's new clothes.
  2. In foto 2, is that a volute? above repair of the broken headstock?
  3. You both make good point and most likely keep open the possibility of the other possibilities. And now I prepare my popcorn
  4. Epiphone- the gateway drug guitar
  5. Nice video of the guitars. However, brutal camera angle for summer. Did the seller of the SJ describe it as a True Vintage? Good to hear you are feeling better
  6. Another vanity performance thread? Desperately in need of validation, or not getting enough attention at home? Feed your ego where you have a special area on the forum https://forum.gibson.com/topic/60851-your-acoustical-performances/
  7. Not enough to feed your ego with the vanity performance clips Post non Gibson clips here also fool
  8. Really, BoTox, the reply from "Our BS" TO was fairly non inflammatory, if not just a little dismissive. No need to go off from that one. Sounds like you were harbouring something from a past post. Choose your battles. What guitar is this? It does look shite, and it would bug me too.
  9. He had me at "Too much persistent percussive thumping".
  10. HERE, LET ME HELP YOU WITH THAT https://letstalkguild.com/ltg/index.php?forums/acoustic-acoustic-electric.133/
  11. I do not understand this part Resource space. Is the Inspired By line similar to the strategy of Gibson making all of the less expensif offbrands in the 1930's?
  12. Never anything near 360 degrees. Unbelieveable. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
  13. That was the thinking. Admit there are many different ways to look at value, also. Unless a guitar speculator to resell for a profit, most plan for this guitar to be the one. If the needs of the player change, a more popular model will be easier to sell. How many threads are on this forum for the Songwriter or the Hummingbird Pro? Last Songwriter post = four pages back, one month ago. Number of replies = 0. The Songwriter in post #1 looks very nice. Of course we do not know if it will be a good match for will66, or how important it is for the guitar to match his needs exactly, or if his needs will change with time. If by value it is asked if this guitar is a good price, what is the number? Zombywoof has the good idea to check other sites for info, but remember delays at factories have helped prices of guitar sales.
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