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  1. I could be just one of the owners preferred the old style headstock with the small dust cap and raised letters and tried to mimic that. The screw holes of the original wide dust cap are there.
  2. As I said, mine is a lot bigger. I’m not suggesting it’s an original logo, it’s a replacement.
  3. For example, but the one in mine is a lot bigger. But I suspect this is the look he was after.
  4. Ok cool! I think someone has simply removed the original trussrod cover and replaced it with a cover like ones used on 60 style guitars ( the original screw holes for the wider cover still there). And also smacked a Gibson logo on there as the old ones used to have, only it’s a bit bigger... can you post a pic of yours?
  5. Yes, have not sen one like it. Could it be a custom?
  6. I´m not quite shure what to make of it, the dials, knobs and input are not placed as usual, the gibson headstock logo is bigger than usual, and there is a tremolo on it wich i have not seen anywhere else.
  7. Hi! I traded my ibanez for a flying V a few years ago and I'm a little curious to what it is. I says made in USA and has a the following serial: 03121510. I would post a pic, but its to large to upload =( Cheers!
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