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    R9 How Sweet We R

    Yes I Guess you could say that Ian. Been playing Gibson's for many years and sometimes I get all excited over them like we all do. You probably have the real deal 59 right ?
  2. R9 Custom guitars are by far the sweetest looking, sounding and feeling guitars Gibson has ever created. This is agreed upon by so many long time guitarists around the world. R8's 7's and 0's are absolutely fine as well it's just the overall combination of looks, feel and sound that takes those R9's to that next level. Many I'm sure would ask how they sound any different, well here it is. The wood chosen for the R9's by Gibson, along with the attention to detail on the build, glue, tone woods, neck size overall, pickups all add to this premier solid body guitar's sound. Yes everything combined in this world renowned instrument creates sound and a great set of ears can pick up on this fantastic creature. That is what this guitar is a creature of our dreams pulled together for our listening enjoyment. A Master Piece in short by the best guitar company in the World, that every other company still today follows. 1993 Gibson came about for the first time honoring the 59 Standard with the R9 guitar, built closer to original detail than ever expected. Since that first year R9 Gibson due to such demand has created them year after year never getting them so close to perfection as that first year, but close enough for the 59 dreamers to have a shot at one. When you talk with someone who has owned and played a R9 they give off this certain approval that only a Gibson player can appreciate. For almost 50 years now I've played, bought and sold many wonderful guitars but always find myself coming back to the finest guitars ever built, right here in the USA Gibson.
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