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  1. Ciao a tutti, ho ereditato una ES335 Studio dell'88 ma purtroppo è notevolmente "cannibalizzata" (vedete le foto sotto). Ho già chiarito molti particolari ma, prima di procedere al "restauro", Vi porgo 2 domande: 1. La Gibson mi dice che non hanno più il backplate come pezzo di ricambio, dove posso trovarlo? 2. Sempre la casa madre mi dice che in origine aveva 2 dirty finger come pickup ma visto che ne devo montare di nuovi Vi chiedo se avete consigli. Alcuni dicono i 498, altri i burstbucker, altri ancora i '57 classic... Voi? Attendo Vostri suggerimenti, grazie mille a tutti.
  2. Hi Sgt Pepper, thanx for your reply. I wrote to Gibson and you're right, this is their answer: " Hi Mr Gaspari, The serial number refers in our database to a guitar Gibson ES- 335 Studio in Ebony finish, chrome hardware, made in 1988 ( 214th day ) in Nashville US. Unfortunately, we don't have available papers from 1988. Features: ES335 Studio: No f-holes, 2 dirty fingers humbucking pickups with covers (earliest with exposed coil PAF humbuckers), single bound top and back, mahogany neck, unbound rosewood fingerboard (earliest with ebony), dot inlay, no peghead ornament, decal logo, ebony or cherry finish. Introduced 1986. Best regards, ". I've got 2 more questions: 1. The man of the guitar shop close to me (Gibson reseller certified) suggests me to mount 498's (and not dirty fingers); do you know them? Are they similar to 490's? And what about '57 classic? 2. Gibson also told me that they haven't the coverplate for the back of my guitar; do you know where I can find it out? I thank all for your help. Nicola
  3. Hi jdgm, someone told me it was a Lucille but I really don't know if it's true (and maybe what you said is right). Anyway, is the wiring diagram you linked me right however? Over than this, which model of pickup do you suggest me to use? I thank you for your help, Nicola
  4. Hello to everyone, I'm Nicola from Italy and I need help to give a new life to an old dismissed Lucille (sorry for my bad english). I found out this guitar with no pickup, no varitone, ... no hardware (see pictures). I want to make it play again, is there someone who can help me? I mean: . Identify the missing parts . Identify where to buy them . Find out a whole schematic about this parts Any suggestion will be welcome. Nicola
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