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  1. Thank you for chiming in with your help Chris, which lucky for me is very specific given that you have the very same guitar! I've just had a great chat with a well regarded luthier who can help me get it setup and ready to sell - and though there's not much that needs to be done I'd rather sell it to a potential buyer in as good a condition as it can be. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get as much as you've suggested, I'm guessing the Australian market for used guitars is a little different, I'll see how I go anyway and I can always report back on this thread for posterity. Thanks again 🙂
  2. Hello Gibson lovers, I bought this guitar over 20 years ago in a pawn shop in Kings Cross, Sydney Australia, when I was a much younger man than I am today. I have loved and adored it ever since and played it proudly, appreciating the comments from people who had never seen one before - it is extremely well made and just holding it anyone can see and feel that it is a quality guitar. I've always felt that it was pretty obscure and never heard much more about the Nighthawks until recently when I was surprised to see a range of reissues. In the last decade I've had 3 kids and and the guitar has been put to the side during this time, but more recently I'm finding I'd like to play some more, but I'm older now and finding the extra steps required to use and maintain the floyd rose more than a little annoying. I've decided it's time to sell it and maybe grab something a little more basic. Reason I'm posting is that I have no idea what it's worth. I'm finding it a little confusing with all the variations and then there are the reissues. From the serial I can see that it is a '97 - it's a standard with the three pickups and the floyd, and I think that is less common. There are a few dints here and there and a chip on the body on the rear of the guitar. I still have the original case in perfect condition. I don't want to give it away, but I'm also not looking to rip anyone off - I've never been keen to do that, it's not what we're about, right? Hope you all don't mind me posting here to ask. Are there any Nighthawk owners out there who could help point me in the right direction with some info and advice? Cheers.
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