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  1. Yeah, don't see why not if my current run of luck holds.
  2. I know it's not a Gibson, but after the above bargain, I thought I'd try my luck on FB Marketplace again, so I posted my JEM Jr that I only paid £260 for, to see what people would offer me as a straight swap. A chap messaged me, and today we traded guitars. I walked away with a brand new Fender Lonestar Strat...I'm on a roll! Next week I'm going to see if I can trade a Harley Benton Telecaster for a '59 Burst.
  3. I've just bought one of these from Thomann, and am sending it back less than a day later. These are utter junk, and don't locate properly in the holes on the "headstock". Under the slightest tension, it tips forward, eventually flying off at high speed. Avoid like the plague.
  4. VH should go back to the Van Hagar days and pick a singer who also plays guitar AND is a great showman. My vote would be Unknown Hinson.
  5. My wife and I have been going to Hawaii for the past 25 years, the last time was last year when we went for a month for our 25th wedding anniversary. We spent a couple of days on Maui so we could catch the ferry across to Lanai, then a week on Molokai, then the rest of the time on The Big Island. We stayed in Kona, but drove all around the island. The only islands we'd never been to at least once were Lanai and Molokai. We usually used to go to Kauai, but this was the first time we hadn't spent any time there. It's not the same as it once was, and The Big Island is our new favourite in Hawaii. If you ever want to go somewhere that's the way you wish Hawaii was, visit Easter Island. Fantastic place, and a lot more "Polynesian" than Hawaii. It doesn't suffer from all the cringeworthy tourist nonsense. One of my friends has a ukulele store on Oahu called Hawaii Music Supply. I've done some graphic design for him, although I got most of my ukes from Scotty's on Kauai.
  6. All around the edges. I think it's been gigged heavily, which it deserves to be. Lots of chips around the top edge near the forearm.
  7. I need eye bleach and something sharp to jam in my ears. It's like someone put Miley Cyrus and my Grandfather in the teleporter from The Fly.
  8. Hopefully the singles will be widely available. I like the idea of an 8.5 on top, but I'd rather go 32 & 42 on the bottom.
  9. It is, and he isn't. He's one of the nicest people I know. He was just joking ffs. If more people had a sense of humour, and stopped trying to find fault with everything he says and does, they might start enjoying life a little more.
  10. I like the look of the new Mighty Slinky. I use 9's on my LP, but I really wanted to go back to 8's. However, the last time I nearly bought some, I got shamed out of it. Maybe Mark will let me get away with 8.5
  11. Just picked up this 1997 LP Studio. It looks like it's been chewed by a large dog, but that adds to the charm. It's a comfy 9.1lbs, and has retrofitted grovers and a set of Irongear Alchemist P90s, but they'll probably get swapped out soon. Plays like a dream, and there's plenty of life left in the frets. Story behind how I got it: A couple of years ago I bought this Schecter Blackjack from a friend for £200. It was a great guitar, but it just wasn't "special". So I swapped it with another friend for this 1994 Fender Foto Flame Strat with Bare Knuckle Irish Tour pickups. There was a trem arm broken off in the trem block, so I fitted a Wilkinson WV6 bridge, which took me up to a total of £235. Last week, I listed the Strat on Facebook Marketplace offering it as a straight swap for a Studio or Special, not really expecting much response, but got a message from a chap who prefers Strats to LPs, and already had a Foto Flame, but with cracks in the photographic image. One day later, it's mine. For £235! I think you'll agree that that's a reasonable deal. I also picked up the brand new and unused Steinberger spirit in the background for £200, so it was a good week!
  12. Yeah, I had to tweak the truss rod when I got it. I think the issue is a minor design flaw, there just isn't enough range of travel available because of the height of the saddles. One option I suppose would be to grind down the base of the saddles by a couple of mil, but having had to do this with a couple of locking nuts before, I'll probably leave it. The action is by no means high, but the fret job is pretty good, so I think it would take another mil drop without choking.
  13. Hi, I've just acquired a Spirit 6 string, and I'm lowering the action, but the saddles are as low as they'll go, and I could do with a couple more mil. I've noticed a couple of "posts" under the Bridge. Is it possible to remove the bridge base, drop these to give me more adjustment, then adjust the saddles?
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