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  1. Im assuming it’s a “flubber” pickguard. A previous post discussed how to fix this permanently without buying a new Pickguard. I can’t vouch for it but it’s worth a shot.
  2. That sounded great. Love your voice for that too!
  3. Can’t beat a mahogany Gibson 12, and there is no guitar more beautiful than a hummingbird. What a great combo. Prayers for your dad.
  4. Aimee Mann has played J45s pretty much exclusively since around 2000. She had previously played an old J160 that the airlines wrecked.
  5. Very nice version. Perfect voice for this song
  6. For underrated I would mention both Larrivee and Guild. It’s easy to find examples of both brands that are as good or better than than more highly rated and much more expensive brands. Used examples just don’t hold their value, but those are some fabulous guitars.
  7. This stuff is great. Love your wife’s voice.
  8. Mime

    2020 J55

    The two I’m curious about are the J55 and the 1934 original jumbo. The demo videos for both sound fabulous. I’d love to play one or both.
  9. Man I like that. Great song nice performance!
  10. Original jumbo. Unique sound and very loud.
  11. I have a Gibson lc-3 caldera that came with a hard case that I store it in, but I bought the small body reunion blues gig bag to take it out of the house. It wasn’t a cheap bag (about $120) but I think it’s a great bag. I disagree with the folks who are saying it won’t protect the guitar. It protects the guitar very well. It is way more comfortable to carry than a hard case and I believe it provides more than adequate protection. Nice storage compartment. I would recommend it.
  12. I bought some of the new Gibson pb coated strings at Christmas time. I put them on my j45 and the guitar never sounded better. The strings have held up pretty well until now although it’s getting about time to change them. I am going to put another set of these on. I had been using the uncoated strings that Gibson phazed out, but I actually like these better. I think they are louder and sound better. They are not cheap but are definitely worth a try.
  13. Great songwriter. One of the few who loved 70’s era Gibson acoustics. He will be missed.
  14. I have one. It’s a nice shirt. The transfer is not likely to come off. It’s more like a silk screen.
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