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  1. I have a Gibson lc-3 caldera that came with a hard case that I store it in,  but I bought the small body reunion blues gig bag to take it out of the house.  It wasn’t a cheap bag (about $120) but I think it’s a great bag. I disagree with the folks who are saying it won’t protect the guitar. It protects the guitar very well.      It is way more comfortable to carry than a hard case and I believe it provides more than adequate protection. Nice storage compartment.  I would recommend it. 

  2. I bought some of the new Gibson pb coated strings at Christmas time. I put them on my j45 and the guitar never sounded better.  The strings have held up pretty well until now although it’s getting about time to change them.  I am going to put another set of these on. I had been using the uncoated strings that Gibson phazed out, but I actually like these better.  I think they are louder and sound better.  They are not cheap but are definitely worth a try. 

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