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  1. I renew this old thread to tell you how good and responsive the Gibson Customer Service is! A couple of weeks ago I bought as used the same kind of guitar (with the difference that mine has 2 pickups, model number is ES7DVBNH1) but the seller was not able to tell me which was the year of production, so i wrote to service@gibson.com and they replied after only 2 minutes, providing me with the info i required (year is 2012)! I also asked them which is the criteria to associate serial number with year of production for those kind of guitars and they replied "This is from internal records. The serial number scheme from this model does not decode specifics such as the year/date made." So ... if you own one of these CS beautiful guitars, the only way to know when it was built is to ask them, they'll be glad (and prompt!) to reply! 😉 Paolo
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