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  1. I would like to see some minor changes in the new LP Modern. I believe it may actually be the best production guitar Gibson has ever produced. There could be a slight bit of improvement on future models. A belly relief cut into the back of the body would be nice. It should be easy enough as there is no binding on the back side. Also a truss rod cover plate that reads "Modern". Another suggestion is to keep the solid sparkle colors going and not to "burst these models. We have enough bursts already. It is refreshing to see the three colors available. I do suggest a new solid sparkle color for
  2. what would be the correct height to elevate the left leg in order to properly position a Les Paul guitar? I need to get it right so my tone will remain within parameters and the instrument looks good in photo shoots.
  3. A foot stool may be a wonderful aid ,but if you are bed ridden and partly paralyzed from the neck down.....
  4. I have started using a strap in my studio. I am comfortably kicked back in a chair while recording. I was nervous that I would let my guitar slip off my lap as I adjusted and tweaked my settings. I like sitting in a studio situation, but I am constantly doing something that requires both hands and it is difficult to pull plugs and sliders with a guitar balanced in your lap. So I am now strapping up while in the sitting position for the safety of my loving guitar. Sometimes I am not very bright and must learn the hard way. I feel more secure now and don't panic in a session. I am living under
  5. I don't think I got my message across very well. I was just reporting about the longevity of my original Gibson strings and how happy I was that they are still ringing out loud and clear after several hundred hours of playing. I don't gig with this guitar and only use to record with. I am curious as well as studying the life of the strings under heavy use. I don't have a whammy on my Les Paul but I do a lot of string bending. I have several guitars and I do change strings as needed. I am experimenting and think it is unique to still be able to rock out with the original strings I got from the
  6. I bought my new Les Paul Modern Dec 30 2019. I have a great deal of hours shredding her and still have the same strings Gibson sent on guitar. I am completely happy with them and keep them cleaned and wiped down before putting her back in case. I average 30 to 40 hours rocking out every week. Amazing that strings tese days stay in tune and good . Years ago ,like in the late 60s and early 70s, I changed quite often. I do lots of stretching and string english and they are holding up well. I don't plan on a change until strings start wearing flat at the frets. so far so good. I have several sets
  7. Lately I have noticed there has been NO response to my posts. I may be doing something wrong. I have had response before but now there is nothing. Weird ! I write about real life instances associated with Gibson guitars and player responses, but no feedback one way or another. One such post was about advice from so called experts giving their opinions about what brand of guitars are suitable for beginners. I thought for sure I would get some opinions ,and may not get an answer here. Oh well, If I can't get through or am doing something wrong, I will leave this site and not continue to bore a
  8. I recently have had some extra time at home and have been browsing on line. I read guitar posts and Youtube videos while taking a playing and song writing break. I am puzzled by the advice some people give. The one that has got me questioning these experts is, telling that buying a Gibson Les Paul is recommended for a beginner and not quite as professional as a gigging guitar. Beginner guitar??? A statement like this makes me lose any kind of credibility for that person. Strange advice ! In fact ,I believe quite the opposite. A beginning guitar player should be learning on a less expensi
  9. Roxx


    I follow several different forums about guitars and amps. In doing so there seems to be a hot topic about strings. Type, brands, gauge diameters. and the frequency of change. I must say that being of an experimental nature, I have run the gauntlet for a long time. From many years back, I tried it all. I always seemed to come back t the Ernie Ball Super Slinky's. I have used a good many D Addarrio supers as well. They always did a fine job. I have been using Gibson electrics lately and am completely happy with them. I have many sets of new strings on hand but never end up changing them. I get
  10. I have heard that same thing and don't believe it as I have been cleaning and oiling my guitar fret boards for over 40 years and have never experienced any softening or deterioration of the wood. It may be from my cleaning any excess oils from the board and drying well so there is no excessive film is left on surface. I keep my girl cleaned and polished as much as I can. I never understand the players that beat-up their axe in order to make it look used and played . I believe in making my guitars look show room . I do the best I can, and always get disappointed when I discover a chip or scratc
  11. This is my 3rd tweaking set up for my new Modern. I keep getting a little closer to perfection each time. Half a turn here and a bit more there. It gets closer to perfect. I still have my Gibson original strings and I use some good greasy oil polish to clean and lube the fret board. I like super cleaning and polishing every two weeks , approx. I use that time for continued inspection . Life is good. I am actually interested in the Burgundy sparkle finish and how it will hold up. Hopefully never dull. The chrome is always a concern . I am confident it won't peel and dull as well. She stays i
  12. All I would like to see is a little tapered relief on the backside. A belly cut. It would be just a little more comfortable and ergonomic to play while standing as well as some more weight relief. Not a big deal at all, but since we want "MODERN" as a format to this wonderful new guitar, why not ? Another cool feature would be to decorate the truss rod cover with etched out "MODERN". None of these ideas affect the play-ability, but would add some more class to the instrument. When we talk about Gibson, we usually associate with class and quality. There should always be a quest to improve a
  13. I was happy when she came in the mail. Kinda like a mail order bride. I played a few days then did my set up. A little tweaking and adjusting, truss rod about a quarter turn did it. Bridge lowered a turn, real close to perfect, but not exact. I can see that though being straight out of the factory and a settling in period. But I am very pleased to report strings are stretched and stays in tune perfectly. I'm a big bender and really stretch them often. I have dialed in my amp and guitar settings and got to know this girl pretty good. I own two other Les Paul's and have them dialed also. They ar
  14. That natural color looks good. Reminds me of a Les Paul Recording I once owned. Mine was a deeper color, kind of reddish but the darker wood puts me in that mode. I remember that guitar as a work of technology. I could ,every now and then, get her set to sound astonishing. I failed to capture everything that she could have sounded like. I was not qualified at the time to master that particular guitar.. Maybe I could get it on now.
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