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  1. All I would like to see is a little tapered relief on the backside. A belly cut. It would be just a little more comfortable and ergonomic to play while standing as well as some more weight relief. Not a big deal at all, but since we want "MODERN" as a format to this wonderful new guitar, why not ? Another cool feature would be to decorate the truss rod cover with etched out "MODERN". None of these ideas affect the play-ability, but would add some more class to the instrument. When we talk about Gibson, we usually associate with class and quality. There should always be a quest to improve as well as innovate. After all, if we didn't believe in innovation, we would all be playing flat top Silvertones. LOL
  2. I was happy when she came in the mail. Kinda like a mail order bride. I played a few days then did my set up. A little tweaking and adjusting, truss rod about a quarter turn did it. Bridge lowered a turn, real close to perfect, but not exact. I can see that though being straight out of the factory and a settling in period. But I am very pleased to report strings are stretched and stays in tune perfectly. I'm a big bender and really stretch them often. I have dialed in my amp and guitar settings and got to know this girl pretty good. I own two other Les Paul's and have them dialed also. They are nice, but I can really tell the difference with this one. One of the best Paul's made I believe. I been playing them for over 50 years and owned several. I am telling the truth. Gibson Les Paul Modern, you rock !!
  3. Roxx

    More Modern

    That natural color looks good. Reminds me of a Les Paul Recording I once owned. Mine was a deeper color, kind of reddish but the darker wood puts me in that mode. I remember that guitar as a work of technology. I could ,every now and then, get her set to sound astonishing. I failed to capture everything that she could have sounded like. I was not qualified at the time to master that particular guitar.. Maybe I could get it on now.
  4. Roxx

    More Modern

    I suggested the idea to Gibson USA. I don't know Mark. I am not in the loop. I just play them. I'm happy with the Modern. I have owned several Les Paul's over the past 40 years. I was so happy with this new one, I just wanted it to be the very best and innovative guitar that has been introduced in years. I believe the modern is one of the best Les Paul's ever made. I know many people will disagree, but I really don't care much, because they will not ever be allowed to touch mine LOL Belly cut, I'm getting fat !
  5. I have suggested before but have not heard back, I would like to see the new Les Paul Moderns come with a back side belly cut out. I think a taper to fit more comfortable would be nice. I can't imagine any change in tone or sustain. they already have neck relief, which is a good thing. Just a little taper please. Make it a true modern version. Don't be afraid to make those improvements while claiming "MODERN". All the new changes are fine with me and I agree with them all. Just one more thing.
  6. After reading the "pedal" responses, I must comment to the fact that I don't have a pedal board. I used to have several effects on a homemade board several years back. I still have some ,but they are stacked on shelves and not used. I run my sound through a Rocktron Chameleon 2000. I only use one pre-set out of the several hundred options. I can happily say, "I have found my signature sound and am satisfied with it" I don't tweak it and once my amp is set, I do all my adjustments on my guitar. I will go with this sound until I get bored and discover a sound that is better for my music. I don't want to start the experiment stage of different pedals again. Every time I do try something new, I am disappointed and discard it. Who knows, I may run into something better. I refuse to pay exorbitant prices . I do believe you can find a good signature sound for yourself by simplifying your device and narrowing choices to fewer effects. the never end test of pedal syndrome. LOL
  7. I wanted to bring up the economics of stomp pedals. When first purchased new, the effect has an extreme cost in comparison to buying used. I have never actually worn a pedal out and don't quite understand why they don't hold their value as much as other musical instruments. I think there is an opportunity to make some good deals on used stuff. I did so with two different Rocktron Chameleon processors. I ended up with a spare that I use next to my bed with a small crate amp for my late night go to sleep jam. I have the other one in the studio in full use every day. It was a good buy on e-bay.
  8. I haven't heard one bad thing about this Al amplifier I think it's magic it's priced right that's for sure
  9. I Don’t have a clue on the sound it’s not available yet so we will have to see or I guess I should say hear.
  10. I HAVE SEEN SOME ADVERTISING FOR STAGE RIGHT 30 WATT HEAD. I am interested as I have a Peavey 5150 4-12 cabinet with Sheffield speakers and think it may be a good combination to try. It was listed for for around $500. I don't believe it is available yet. If the tube head is any thing like the 15 watt version, I could dig it.
  11. I use mine every day and am satisfied . I do use a Rocktron chameleon processor for clean up and boost. It is kind of my signature with all my amps. I really like the HUSH of the Rocktron. I can dial down my volume and still get the big stage sound. I can't think of any other amp that can produce as well for the money. A great bang for your buck machine.
  12. I am not a collector. I was curious . I don't have an explanation other than a serial number I saw on a video that was strange. It had an earlier date of manufacturer than mine but the serial number was higher. I think I have it figured out. I believe the necks are stamped as being made and used later when attached to the body. This could explain the discrepancy. If the necks are made and stashed in a bin somewhere until another future assembly time, it makes sense. I am a curious cat . LOL
  13. I am a little confused as they may be stamping any Gibson in sequence as they roll off the line. They make several models in the same run and may number them as they are processed. I just was curious as I have watched a review video of a number larger than mine by quite a bit and it was done in an earlier date . I am a little bewildered. Maybe they start new numbers every day or each week. It would be nice to know just how they do it and I can't see why it is such a secret.
  14. Just curious and still trying to find out how many Les Paul Moderns were manufactured in 2019. I have requested this information from customer service, but have not got an answer. I really don't know how to get any kind of response as I have no direct line to Gibson records or factory. I just don't know how to go about it.
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