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  1. Are there any Johnny A Spruce Top 2017 owner players out there? I'm interested to know what players think of them. I really can't find much said about the guitar. There are a few I've seen for sale and could be interested in one. It's almost as if this were a Phantom guitar. 😎
  2. I will post a shot when I get it back from a setup. Enjoy your weekend!
  3. Hello. I have a CS 336 and I want to change out the black pup rings for cream. I have black Fralin p-90's installed with the stock black Gibson pup rings. I think cream would be a better look. The cream pup rings need to match the binding perfectly. I have the vintage sunburst finish. The binding on the neck comes very close to the pup rings so a match would be important. Has anybody done this and if so what type of cream rings did you get? The Gibson Historic Spec pup rings look to be fine but I have no idea. Thank you in advance!
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