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  1. Thanks everyone for the ideas! I ended up ordering a levy’s all cotton strap with some Dunlop nickel straplocks. So excited to get them installed once they arrive!
  2. Awesome, thank you all for the suggestions... I didn’t realize how picky the nitro finishes could be until I started looking for straps! I’m thinking of getting some Dunlop strap locks to go with the strap. I assume that Levy straps are compatible with the strap locks? As far as installing them on the guitar, do you think there may be any concerns about the post sticking out the back of the body where the strap button currently is? Are installing strap locks on a 335 pretty standard? I have some on my Carvin and really like them.
  3. I am looking for a guitar strap for my 2013 ES-335 with a nitro finish. I am having a hard time finding options that may work...based on my research I believe I can only pick either a cotton or leather strap. I stumbled across Gibson’s straps here: https://www.gibson.com/Gear/Straps I am interested in the Mosaic strap but am really curious what materials all the straps use. It looks like they are lined with a leather backing. Can all of these straps be used on a 335 with a nitro finish?
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