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    For what it is worth, I set up my (candy blue) Baretta Vintage to do this. After some normal tweaking, the action and so forth were spot on. But I went with a trem-stop in the trem cavity because I perhaps wrongly feared for the beating the finish under the Floyd might suffer over time. I set the Floyd level, and the tension "just so" that it would lay flat against the body, no more. It worked fine until I got chicken.
  2. Over the past several weeks both ZZounds/AMS and TMZ have had Kramer cases in stock very briefly. Also even at NAMM not one affiliate had so much as a Kramer t-shirt. I for one would be happy to buy some shirts and other swag, as well as a case or 2. Thanks.
  3. For what it is worth, i just calipered mine, with strings tightly pressed in the grip, and the depth of the neck at the 7th fret is .89 inches. 1.87 in width. The neck does not have a compound radius. I might fairly call it a moderately thick c shape. The flatness of the fretboard also lends a feeling of "roominess" between strings. I don't know if this helps at all. S
  4. I must second Alec here. My blue Baretta Vintage is as well-made an instrument as I have ever owned. It is at least equal to any USA guitar I have owned. And I am very particular regarding low action, neck joints, and the like. A USA version might be different in spec but could not be of better quality IMO.
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